Aqui Para Ti- APT

Supports the Hispanic youth program at the Whittier Clinic. Tackles health issues such as obesity, teen pregnancy and sexual health for females and males ages 12-20. 

Between Us Program

Supports parents raising teens with workshops and training. Provides sexual education and confidential services for teenagers, and advocates for teen health at HCMC.

Community of Caring for Home Health

Assist clients in home health nursing for seniors and young families by providing safety and basic need items that will enhance their care plans. 

Envision Community Innovation

Supports the development of Envision Community: a dignified and diverse community from across the housing stability spectrum, intentionally living together in low barrier, extremely affordable housing.

Flu Prevention

Provides funding for flu shots in shelters and other underfunded environments. 

Health Care Homes

Addresses the social determinants of health and is used for direct patient needs as well as to support the professional development of Community Health Workers.

Home Health Nursing

Supports medical and other supplies needed by patients receiving care at home and training for home health nurses. 

Home Visits for Young Families

Provides public health nursing services. 


Supports integrative care such as pet, music, and massage therapies, and bereavement counseling. 


General fund for community health initiatives managed by MVNA. 

Pathways Program

Aid out-of-school youth ages 18-23 or young parents to complete high school/equivalent or increase college placement scores. 

Taking Steps Together

Address the rapid weight gain in obese children by partnering with the entire family. 

Teen Hope

Provides public health visits for teen parents who receive public assistance, reside in Hennepin County and are enrolled in high school or GED program. 

Trauma Prevention

Provides car seats and bicycle helmets, fall prevention education, home safety, and injury prevention initiatives through community education and outreach.

Upstream Health Innovation

Supports innovations to empower patients to lead healthy lives, partners with the community to build capacity and fosters the health innovations that create equity and reduce barriers to healthcare access.

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