Baby Formula Shortage

The baby formula shortage is a real problem, happening all over the U.S.

You are not alone. There is not a perfect solution for this shortage, especially because every child and his/her feeding needs are unique.

Important to know

(updated May 23, 2022)

  • If you are both breastfeeding and formula feeding, consider replacing formula feeds with breast milk! For breastfeeding support, including tips on how to increase your breast milk supply, contact our Lactation Consultants at 612-873-MILK (6455) from 8 am - 4:30 pm.
  • Formula is the best alternative to breastmilk for babies less than one year old. See WIC’s Approved Substitutions List to explore formula options for your baby. Switching to a store brand, like Target or Walgreens is okay!
  • If you are giving cow’s milk to your baby and they are not one year old yet, please talk to your child’s provider. Cow’s milk does not have all the nutrients, such as iron, that your baby needs in their first year, but this may be a good option for babies that are at least 9 months old. Make sure they are also eating iron-containing cereals and other foods!
  • Do not give goat’s milk or plant-based milk to your baby. These types of milk do not have nutrients that your baby needs to grow and stay healthy. The American Academy of Pediatrics has more details on this.
  • Please do not:
    • Dilute formula (using more water than directed)
    • Make your own formula
    • Replace formula with juice
    • Ration feeding (feed your baby less than normal)

The US Congress and formula manufacturers are working together to end this shortage, and it is predicted that more formula products will be on the shelves later this summer.

The most important thing to know: If you have questions or are concerned about feeding your baby, talk to your child’s provider. You can reach your provider by calling 612-873-6963 or messaging them through MyChart.

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