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support group hands, megan hladilek, part two we don't talk about miscarriages, patient experience with miscarriage, 5 responses to someone having a miscarriage, how to support someone after miscarriage

Part two: We don’t talk about miscarriages, and we need to – one patient shares her experience.

Megan provides valuable information for loved ones to better support someone who is experiencing a miscarriage.

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young pregnant woman with her partner holding her belly together, life-changing experience, place to give birth, birth plan, postpartum support, prenatal support, lowest C-section rate, dr tara gustilo, dr laura nezworski, natural birth, pain management options

A natural, life-changing event supported by experts

Birth is an intimate and life-changing experience. We sat down with two doctors to learn more about The Birth Center.

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woman sneezing into a tissue, why do females pee when they cough, urine leakage, urinary problems, incontinence in women, Anne Remington, MSN, APRN, CNP, CURN, urologist for women

Ladies…do you pee when you sneeze?

About one in every three women over the age of 45 experience urine leakage. It is common and can be distressing, but it is treatable.

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