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7 ways we make getting your care downtown easy

Our main campus in downtown Minneapolis is much more than just a hospital. It also houses a number of primary care and specialty clinics.

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young boy bundled up in very cold landscape, frostbite, exposure to cold temperatures, tips to avoid frostbite, frost bites, frostbite symptoms, tissue damage

Take the bite out of frostbite

Frostbite can happen quickly. Infants and children are at higher risk because they lose heat from their skin more rapidly than adults.

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A letter to state leadership in support of police reform

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Jim. An amazing recovery from an amazing place – Hennepin Healthcare

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Teenagers Putting Their Hands Together In Unity, george floyd, grief by youth at trial, police killing of black man, youth activism, racial injustice, dr veronica svetaz, tips to help teens deal with discrimination

Our youth were ready

I was lifted through the trial by our youth, who were there with Mr. Floyd, providing hope in his last moments.

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community group outside planning an activity, cultural wellness center, akhmiri sekhr-ra, chief family development officer, community health, moving from race to culture

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra

The Chief Family Development Officer at the Cultural Wellness Center shares her harmonious vision for wellness.

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