The Great Slim Down


Be fit. Be healthy. Lose weight as you go.

Created by Natalie Ikeman, PA-C, the Great Slim Down is a proven counseling program that helping many people get healthier by achieving weight loss goals. Schedule an appointment with a Great Slim Down provider at 612-873-6963.

How does the program work?

You will receive one-on-one counseling to help you eat better and lose weight. Exercise is a large portion of the program. We will find the right exercise that works with your body and you can follow along with her YouTube workout videos. You will learn about different tools and tricks to help you succeed and keep off the weight. Start slowly with her guidance and low-intensity workouts on YouTube.

“No one has ever spent this much time with me teaching me how to eat healthy!”
- Great Slim Down participant

Great Slim Down Team

natalie ikemanNatalie Ikeman, PA-C
Golden Valley Clinic

Lindsey Pogemiller, CNP
Clinic & Specialty Center

Nicole Akhigbe, NPNicole Akhigbe, CNP
Richfield Clinic (Starting July 2019)

exercise, great slim down

The Great Slim Down FAQ

How often do I go?

Weekly or bi-weekly at first, then monthly, for one year.

How much weight will I lose?

That is up to you. Natalie’s job is to supply you with the support and tools. You supply the effort!

Does my insurance cover this visit?

Most insurance companies should cover this visit. Before scheduling, call the customer service number on your insurance card to inquire about coverage concerning "weight loss counseling."

Success Stories

Read about the amazing outcomes and experiences of The Great Slim Down participants!

The Great Slim Down Videos - with Natalie Ikeman, PA-C


Low-Intensity YouTube Videos by Natalie

Four low-intensity videos to start you an your weight loss goals

Moderate-Intensity YouTube Videos by Natalie

Working up to a moderate pace, follow these three sessions

High-Intensity YouTube Videos by Natalie

Make sure you are prepared for exercise of this intensity

Healthy Matters

Ask the Provider

Natalie Ikeman, PA, and Registered Dietician Amy Tritt talk about The Great Slim Down program.

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