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The Great Slim Down Success Stories


“I would have never thought I was really this big three years ago or ever (I wasn't even this big with 3 pregnancies) because I have always been confident in my skin/body. However, I was in a dark place for a while that got me to a point that I was literally .2 away from becoming a dietetic. I had no choice but to get healthy and beat the odds if I wanted to save my life!

Well, I have lost 50+ pounds, I've gone from a pants size 18 to a 13/14. I am back to my pre-mom ages &' it feels amazing! My plan is to first and foremost never get to that point again, keep the extra pounds off, start to tone &' build my muscle. I know it won't be easy just like this hasn't but I am determined.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has helped/supported me along the way, you're all truly rock! More importantly, I owe this journey to Natalie without her I am not sure where I would be. She is a blessing. I have never met a doctor who makes you feel like you truly matter, and wants what's best for you! This program really matches you and what you need as an individual and this is why it works so well. It has taught me how to have more of a healthy lifestyle in my daily routine. I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Natalie and The Great Slim Down!”

great slimdown photo of angela


"After having knee surgery, I decided to get help with my weight problem before I damaged my other knee. A friend recommended the Great Slim Down Program with Natalie. Natalie took the time to learn about me and my personal challenges. She was able to make a plan that was unique to my needs. I was able to successfully loose (%) of weight, in less than a year, thanks to Natalie. Now, I'm so active with walking, swimming and light circuit training with weights, that I've passed my weight loss goal and have no plans of ever being overweight again. I have no joint pain and my energy level is amazing. What I've learned is that being overweight is like having a disease. You need professional help to successfully treat the disease. Natalie taught me what I need to do to control my weight and lead a healthy life."

Amy lost more than 50 pounds in 12 months!

amy before after great slimdown program


I put on weight during college when I was struggling with anxiety and transitioning into adult life. Last year, I wanted to make a change so I went to Natalie for help. With her holding me accountable, I have been able to lose over 30 pounds! Together, we set small goals to work towards my end goal. She helped me recognize my accomplishments and taught me to celebrate the little things. Today, my outlook on my health is much more positive and I am so much more confident. I am truly proud to be where I am and I'm so thankful for Natalie, who has been there for me the whole time. I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I have no doubt I will get there as I continue on in The Great Slim Down program!

rachel before after great slimdown program


When I first started the Great Slim Down Program, my goal was to diet in order to lose weight for my daughter's wedding. I never imagined that it would lead to an 80 lb weight loss and a lifestyle change for the better.

I am now healthier, more active, and emotionally feeling great.  Natalie encouraged me by improving my eating habits and reducing my stress and anxiety.

The program fits easily into my life through monthly visits with Natalie creating obtainable healthy goals together.  I have kept the weight off for over six months now and I don't plan on looking back. This program has been truly life changing!

kellie before and after great slimdown program


Self-directed diets can be difficult and hard to sustain. The Great Slim Down program allowed him to lose 40lbs at no cost, painlessly, with no real change in eating venues despite eating in restaurants daily as a professional.

He states that the program for him was a “great success.” He was able to lose over 18% of his body weight and keep it off. He has now moved to a maintenance phase and is feeling better than ever.

francisco before and after great slimdown program
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