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Emergency Med Physician Assistants
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Improving health through clinical excellence, teaching, research and community partnerships.

Department of Medicine Leadership

Pereira, Anne, MD, MPH, FACP
Interim Department Chair and
Interim Scott F. Davies Endowed Chair

Vice Chair (TBD)

Gallaway Gilliam Iesha
Iesha Galloway-Gilliam, MD
Director of Credentialing, Quality and Safety

Mark Linzer MD
Mark Linzer, MD
M. Thomas Stillman Endowed Chair and Director of Education, Mentorship and Scholarship

Rosemary Quirk MD
Rosemary A. Quirk, MD, DTMH

Residency Program Director

Martin J. Stillman MD
Martin J. Stillman, MD, JD, FACP, FCLM
Director of Provider Wellness and Retention

Allyson Hart
Allyson Hart, MD, MS
Co-Director of Health Equity and Social Justice

Photo Not Available
Brian Muthyala, MD, MPH
Co-Director of Health Equity and Social Justice

Young Matthew
Matthew Young, MD

Co-Director of Health Equity and Social Justice

Clinical Care

Compassionate patient care in multiple specialties

Education & Training

Training Tomorrow's Healthcare Leaders


Transforming discoveries into better patient care

Achievement and Recognition



The mission of the Department of Medicine is to deliver outstanding and compassionate clinical services to all populations, especially the underserved, provide a superior education for providers in training, and advance medical knowledge through research.


We are a thriving department of fulfilled, compassionate, and diverse caregivers committed to patient care, teaching, discovery, and each other. We are unwavering in our dedication to empowering our diverse community to achieve wellness throughout the continuum of care while serving as national leaders in exploring innovative and outstanding models of healthcare.

Annual Report and Quarterly Newsletter

To learn more about the Department of Medicine’s ongoing progress and academic accomplishments, please see the Department of Medicine’s Annual Report and Quarterly Newsletters.


The Department of Medicine believes deeply in supporting the well-being of its 280 providers. Annual survey data are used to fashion action plans to support the work-life and wellness of all providers. The current emphasis is on matching work demands to capacity for care after 20 months of the COVID pandemic. Numerous pilot programs are in process to provide for a sustainable work-life for all of our colleagues. Resilience and mindfulness training is supported through the Division of Integrative Medicine. Read more...

We at Hennepin Healthcare are committed to equity toward all people. Racism and discrimination violate our values as an institution and run counter to our work to save lives and improve the health of our community. As a healthcare system, we are healers at heart and truly believe we are here for life. We will remain vigilant in our efforts to level the field for health equity and improve health outcomes for those we are here to serve.