Innovative Medical Education

We train the doctors and nurses who make you healthy.
We educate the therapists who guide your recovery.
We instruct the pharmacists who dispense your medicine.
We develop the researchers who offer you innovation.
We teach the first responders who save your life.


Since 1893 when HCMC established the first nursing school in Minnesota, our education and training programs have been preparing medical professionals to serve in the hospitals, clinics and communities across our state and nation. Over half of all physicians in Minnesota received training at HCMC. In addition, 20,000 other professionals access our healthcare courses each year, including local fire and police departments.

Donations for innovation in medical education allow the Foundation to enhance our capacity to support medical student education, residency and fellowship programs, nursing advancement, allied health profession education, educational research, and emergency medical services training.

Each year, 300 resident physicians, 90 medical students in clinical rotations, 900 nursing students, and more than 5,000 other students in a wide array of fields complement physicians and other professionals who serve patients in our hospital and clinics.

Contributions have supported:

  • Ultrasound course for internal medicine residents
  • Emergency medicine training in Arusha, Tanzania through the International Emergency Medicine Fellowship
  • Tuition for five-day nutritional support training
  • Continuing medical student education, conferences, and training
  • Visiting professors for resident rounding
  • Equipment and technology for the HCMC’s Simulation Center
  • Paving the Way assistance for employees interested in pursuing higher education in the nursing field
  • Audio and video equipment to help critique and improve interpreter and patient communication
  • Two portable Megacode Kid manikins for fire, police and paramedic training
  • Cadaveric-based surgical skills training course for orthopedic residents and fellows
  • Documentation and preservation of medical history by the Hennepin Medical History Museum
  • Ventilator simulator for Surgery Department
  • Certification of pharmacists in asthma education along with four lung models and respiratory charts

By helping to prepare tomorrow’s most qualified physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals through innovations in medical education, you can build a diverse and competent workforce who will take care of you and those you love.