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Flexible Health Benefit Plan Options

Savings of up to 20%

Delivering quality care at a lower cost

The Employer Solutions portfolio of services include Clear Value with Medica Health Benefits Plan which has been developed in partnership with Medica and designed for employers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. These services were specifically created to help employers improve employee health, lower medical costs, reduce absenteeism and produce better health outcomes for employees and their families.

Clear Value with Medica

  • Affordable – Clear Value with Medica provides up to 20% lower costs
  • Access to Hennepin Healthcare network including HCMC and Gillette Children’s Hospital, nine primary care community clinics and 60 specialty care
  • One Plan for Physical, Mental and Virtual Healthcare
  • Preventive Health and Wellness Benefits

To learn more, download our Clear value with Medica or contact our representatives at 612-873-0800. 

Customizable Employer Benefit Plan Designs

  • Standalone services through personalized, comprehensive benefit plan options
  • Flexible pricing arrangements


Understanding your unique needs

When we understand your needs, we can leverage our full range of services to create solutions tailored to your employees. Our services cover all areas of health, from infancy to seniors:

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