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School Nurse Consultation

Healthy students are better learners.

MVNA provides school nurse consultation services to K-12 charter schools to ensure the best possible school healthcare for students. Licensed School Nurses design individual programs to meet the needs of students and staff, guiding schools in compliance with federal and state requirements, and suggesting best practices in the area of school health services.

The Licensed School Nurse guides schools in providing and promoting a safe and healthy learning environment with such services as:

  • Assessment of the school health program and best practice recommendations in administration and management, including minor illness management, development, and compliance of student health records, filing state reports;
  • Health planning with medical providers and families for students with chronic and/or potentially life-threatening health conditions;
  • Participation in special education assessments, development of plans for students with disabilities (504 plans);
  • Staff training in areas of medication administration, including OSHA/Employee Right-to-Know;
  • Referral to community resources.

Frequency of nurse services ranges from twice weekly to monthly depending on the school size and needs.

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