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Worksite Wellness

Employee wellness programs. Corporate wellness. All these have the same goal: To keep employees healthy.

With healthy employees, you maximize the quality and production of your services. But keeping employees healthy can be difficult to do for various reasons, whether it's time off work for doctor appointments, the difficulty of containing infection, and even cost. Partner with us to take a step to providing healthcare for employees, healthcare that is convenient and cost-effective.

Flu & Other Immunizations

Influenza, TDAP, Hepatitis

Back to work COVID-19 testing/vaccine

Protect yourself and your colleagues.

Lifestyle Education

Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement

Bring the expertise of Hennepin Healthcare, a nationally recognized, integrated health system to you.

  • Over 20 years of providing onsite immunizations and other health services in our communities
  • All our services are provided by a Registered Nurse, ensuring quality, professional care
  • We are experienced working with a wide variety of clients
    • Small employers
    • Fortune 500 companies
    • Schools
    • Residential communities and care facilities
    • Community centers and more!
  • All clients have a dedicated Account Coordinator - from start to finish you will have a go-to person!
  • We are available to provide services 24/7 – our goal is to reach the most people whenever it is the most convenient!
  • We serve all of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
  • Flexible wellness programs and health fair options for your worksite!

Infection Prevention Webinar

Using Zoom technology, this one hour, nurse-led webinar will give your employees the infection prevention know-how that is absolutely essential for today.

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Contact Employer Solutions

Ready for the next step? Questions? Email or call us, 612-873-0800.

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