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Our experience and services create unique and convenient solutions for employees to meet their health needs and goals.


All of our services are administered by trained Registered Nurses and provide a dedicated Account Coordinator:

  • Onsite immunizations, including:
    • Flu
    • TDAP
    • Hepatitis B
    • Mantoux testing and readings for TB
    • Shingrix
  • Biometric screening events
    • Registered Nurse will give individual consultation and education
  • Wellness and health fair events
  • Behavioral health education and lifestyle education
  • Occupational health

Behavioral Health and Lifestyle Education: The Rest and Renewal Lifestyle series

Lifestyle is a foundation of health — the blockbuster drug that doesn’t cost a penny.

The Rest and Renewal Lifestyle series was developed by board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Kara Parker, who is trained in Integrative and Functional Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare. Integrative Health is defined as healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. These groups are led by a Registered Nurse. 

  • Calming Stress through Resilience
  • Restoring Optimal Sleep
  • Honoring the Body with Nutrition
  • Center with Mindfulness Movement

This Integrative Health series brings the model developed by Dr. Kara Parker to the worksite.  The material has been adapted to fit your environment, while still bringing participants the value of the group-visit model. Each course in the series is one hour long.

Your dedicated Account Coordinator will work with you to schedule the programming that is the best fit for your employees.

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