Onsite COVID-19 Vaccinations

An onsite clinic helps your employees and their families

Are you ready for an onsite COVID vaccination clinic? Here are some considerations:

  1. Do you have the physical space to host a clinic?
    • We need to maintain social distancing through the duration of the clinic experience.
    • Most clinics are set up into three sections
      • Registration
      • Vaccination
      • Observation
  2. Do you have staff/ volunteers you can dedicate to help during the clinic hours?
  3. Do you have enough interest from employees and/or their families? We need a minimum of 25 people signed up to host an onsite clinic.
Indoor COVID vaccine clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to the employer or the employee. However, we do request insurance information if someone has coverage.

We offer:

  • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: 12 years and up, 2 shot series
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine: 18 years and up, 2 shot series
  • Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine: 18 years and up, 1 shot only

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