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Employee Lifestyle Education

Rest and Renewal Lifestyle Series

Lifestyle is a foundation of health — the blockbuster drug that doesn’t cost a penny.

The Rest and Renewal Lifestyle series brings a physician-created, group visit model for caring for the whole person to the worksite. The material has been adapted to fit your worksite, while still bringing participants the value of the group visit model. Participants build individual capacity - learning about themselves - while being given the opportunity to share experiences among a community of people. The group visit and community approach can result in more education, time for dialogue, build skills and develop mind-body practices.

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Our series is based on mindfulness. Each course includes learning and practicing mind-body skills for well-being.

  • Small group setting (maximum 20 participants)
  • Led by a Registered Nurse
  • Courses each last an hour and can be taken as a series or individually based on what fits your employees best
  • Topics will be explored in a lecture style, as well as hands on activities
  • Strategies will be offered for participants to transform their health

Course options

  • Calming Stress through Resilience
  • Restoring Optimal Sleep
  • Honoring the Body with Nutrition
  • Mindfulness Movement
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This Integrative Health series was developed by board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Kara Parker, who is trained in Integrative and Functional Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare. Integrative Health is defined as healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. Dr. Parker has found the holistic and functional medicine approach to patient care helpful in treating most patient conditions, especially those not easily treated by drugs and/or surgery. She created a program of integrative health group visits, which has now been adopted to fit the workplace environment.

To read more about Dr. Parker and this series, click here.


“I liked that it was interactive and provided multiple strategies for stress reduction.”

-Participant of Calming Stress

“It was a great moment to slow my brain a bit. I enjoyed the actual meditation experience.”

-Participant of Calming Stress

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