Home Health

MVNA Home Health MVNA Home Health is provided by MVNA visiting nurses who see patients in the community wherever they call “home,” whether it is a personal residence, care facility, or homeless shelter. Offering a full range of home healthcare services MVNA provides a full range of home healthcare services for clients including home health…

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Healing Touch

Healing Touch Healing touch is a gentle form of energy work that uses light, intentional touch to bring balance and well-being to body, mind, and spirit. By assisting the body in fostering a coherent and balanced energy field, healing touch helps create the ideal conditions for the body to activate its innate ability to heal…

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woman looking at clock in bed who needs sleep tips on how to get to sleep and know wind down before bed meaning

How to get to sleep

There are many reasons why you’re not sleeping. Find sleep tips on how to get to sleep and know what wind down before bed means.

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Holistic Pain Management

Holistic pain management addresses chronic pain with a holistic approach through healing resources and pain management strategies.

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How do I start hospice care?

Hospice is for patients of all ages and is appropriate for a variety of life-limiting illnesses.

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Hospice Resident with Patient Bed, fast score hospice, karnofsky score, fast hospice scale, fast scale hospice, criteria for hospice


We provide quality end-of-life care, focusing on quality of life and maximizing the comfort of our patients.

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HD Services

Huntington’s Disease Clinic Services Our clinic offers the following services to¬†individuals with HD and their families: Comprehensive neurologic evaluation and management Referral for local medical, psychiatric, and dental care Evaluation and management of cognitive and memory problems Disability and competency evaluation Individual and family education and psychological and supportive counseling Social services evaluation and assistance…

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HD Facts

Huntington’s Disease Facts Huntington’s Disease (HD) is an inherited brain disorder. HD typically begins between the ages of 30-45, though onset may occur as early as the age of two or as late as the 70s. HD affects males and females equally and affects all ethnic and racial groups. Symptoms of HD can differ from…

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patient with tech in clinic

Hennepin Health Access

Our providers offer team-based, transitional primary care to address the diverse needs of individuals of Hennepin County.

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Patient Stories

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