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Integrative Health Videos

Integrative Health Videos Learn more about each Integrative Medicine practice Rick Printon, DC | Chiropractic Care Watch Video Jessica Brown, LAc, DiplAc, MOm | Acupuncture Watch Video Catherine Justice, PT, DPT, CST, C-IAYT, E-RYT  | Integrative Physical Therapy Watch Video Karin Vaccaro | Music Therapy Watch Video Kate Shafto, MD | Integrative Pain Management Watch…

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IH Community Programming and Resources

Integrative Health Community Programming and Resources Seasonal Newsletter Bending with the Breeze, Fall 2021 Bending with the Breeze, Winter 2021 Bending with the Breeze, Spring 2022 Bending with the Breeze, Summer 2022 Bending with the Breeze, Fall 2022 Bending with the Breeze, Winter 2022 Bending with the Breeze, Spring 2023 Gentle Yoga for Cancer Care…

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Healing Touch

Healing Touch Healing touch is a gentle form of energy work that uses light, intentional touch to bring balance and well-being to body, mind, and spirit. By assisting the body in fostering a coherent and balanced energy field, healing touch helps create the ideal conditions for the body to activate its innate ability to heal…

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IH – Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga Yoga is a mind/body/spirit discipline with its roots in Ancient India. The word yoga translates from Sanskrit as “union” and can be thought of as a means of connecting us to our deepest selves, our community, the planet, and our spiritual lives (in

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acupu acupuncture closeup of acupuncture doctor at acupuncture clinic an alternative health clinic

Integrative Health

Integrative health is an alternative medicine clinic that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

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