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Belzer Family Provider Wellness & Education Center

Funds education wellness for providers. 

Dental Residency

Improves the quality of the educational experience within the Dental Residency.

Emergency Medicine Outreach

Provides resources to support rural Minnesota hospitals in assisting trauma patients. 

Emergency Medicine Residency

Improves the quality of the educational experience within the Emergency Medicine Residency.

Ernie Ruiz & Joseph Clinton Endowed Chair for Emergency Medicine

Supports the position of Chair of the Department of
Emergency Medicine.

Hennepin Medical History Museum

Preserves the medical history of HCMC and its predecessors. It includes two collections from Metropolitan Medical Center and General Hospital. 

Innovation in Medical Education

The general medical education fund to advance medical student education, residencies, fellowships, and nurse training. Funds distributed by the Chief Academic Officer. 

Internal Medicine Residency

To improve the quality of the educational experience within the Internal Medicine Residency.

Interdisciplinary Simulation & Education Center

Supports the operating and capital needs of the Simulation Center, which provides a variety of medical procedures and patient care scenarios in a safe training environment. 

International Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Supports a teaching physician in the emergency medicine residency program and their pursuit of a Master in Public Health and international placement for six months. 

Nephrology Education Fund

Supports education in diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease. Primarily used to support the Nephrology Fellowship

Mary K. Wollan Orthopaedic Nursing Education Fund

To support orthopaedic nursing and education and Hennepin Healthcare.

Psychology Training Fund

Supports psychology interns and fellows in attending professional activities that enhance their development.

Sexual Assault Resource Team Development

Supports outreach and training to victims of sexual assault, the Resource Team, and partner hospitals and agencies. 

Staff Diversity Training

Offers diversity training to improve interrelations among and between staff and patients. 

Surgery Residency

Improves the quality of the educational experience within the Surgery Residency.  

Traumatic Brain Injury Staff Development

Provides training in TBI clinical care, research, and prevention. 

Trauma Prevention

Provides car seats and bicycle helmets, fall prevention education, home safety, and injury prevention initiatives through community education and outreach.

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