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Thank you for supporting Brain Injury Patients at Hennepin Healthcare

Brain Injury Research Lab

Supports the exploration of methods for improved classification of brain injury to enable better identification of people who do not recover

Pediatric Brain Injury

Purchases resources to aid in the recovery of pediatric patients with a brain injury, including equipment used in rehabilitation

Traumatic Brain Injury Urgent Needs

Helps patients and their families, who are under financial difficulty, purchase medical equipment that aids in recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury Center

Supports program enhancements, staff training, and patient education in the TBI Center

Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Funds the research of the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Staff Development

Provides training in TBI clinical care, research, and prevention

Rockswold Kaplan Endowed Chair for Traumatic Brain Injury

Contributions are added to this endowment that supports the position of Chair for Traumatic Brain Injury

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