Patient Care and Comfort

Improving the Patient Experience

With 154,000 lives seeking care each year through our hospital and clinics, every gift can make a significant impact in removing barriers to healthcare access and providing comfort during times of uncertainty.


Donations for comfort and care allow the Foundation to answer a variety of urgent needs of our patient population, remove barriers to healthcare access, and launch innovations to spur improvements in population health.

Contributions have helped to:

  • Wrap a newborn in a sleeper and blanket for the trip home
  • Offer Yoga classes for cancer patients
  • Meet the co-pay so a mental health patient could get his medication
  • Provide a book to every newborn and child through our Children’s Literacy Program
  • Launch a hotline for new mothers
  • Place shoes and a jacket on a homeless youth
  • Sustain a hospital food shelf
  • Offer a musical distraction to calm a worried father through the Inspire Arts Program
  • Purchase an emergency cart for use in large crowds when there is no access route for an ambulance
  • Establish a family grief support group
  • Support the volunteer giving a hand massage that brought a woman to joyful tears “because no one had touched her with care like that in years"

We welcome your support and look forward to sharing the impact of your generosity.

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