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Generosity Helps Providers Care for Themselves and Others

About the Belzer Family Provider Wellness and Education Fund

The Belzer Family Provider Wellness and Education fund provides opportunities for Hennepin Healthcare’s providers to learn how to take care of themselves so they can provide care to others. Hennepin Healthcare is proud to be a leader in identifying ways to make this the best place to practice medicine and provide the highest quality care to our patients. To do this, our providers need to be healthy and happy with themselves. These funds provide opportunities for providers to learn new methods (or remember old ones) to care for themselves.

Generosity ensures that the providers of Hennepin Healthcare can participate in training that will enhance not only their medical practice and patient care, but also give them the skills to take care of themselves.


Philanthropy has allowed us to deliver pieces of training for providers such as:

  • Mindfulness at Work: Strategies for a busy life mediation training (hosted by the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center)
  • Tai Chi for providers, which allowed providers to start their day more calmly and use some of what they learned with their patients
  • Mindful eating series where providers have had dedicated time to think about food and food relationships; which again can be taught to their patients


These funds are also used to bring in speakers and educators who share best practices and new information with providers who are then able to pass this information on to trainees and patients. For example, a nationally recognized educator taught several small groups of providers on how to develop resilience skills in medical trainees. These pieces of training were well received and the knowledge was shared with our providers and future providers.

Not only does the Belzer Family Provider Wellness and Education fund provide education opportunities, but it also gives providers a place to hang their hat and reflect, a warm meal and hot coffee, get a workout in and enjoy a hot shower, or host a meeting in the Belzer Family Provider Dining and Wellness Center, which averages 1,400 visits per month.

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