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What Generosity does for Dementia and Aging Research

The goal of the BRINK (Brain in Kidney Disease) Memory Study is to understand why Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) patients have 50% higher rates of memory loss, the extent that Alzheimer's disease is playing a role in that memory loss, and how to prevent it.

Using brain MRI, we found the CKD patients have high amounts of small blood vessel damage, as well as brain changes seen in Alzheimer’s disease (published last year in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease).  We also found that higher blood levels of the mineral phosphorus (high because the kidneys don’t filter phosphorus adequately), which are treatable with currently available medications, may increase the risk of memory loss.

These findings help us learn how to prevent dementia and to do this, we need your help! Your contribution will help the Dementia and Aging Research team continue their groundbreaking work.

How Your Generosity Can Impact One BRINK Memory Study Patient

$500 donation pays for an MRI
$150 donation covers cognitive testing
$50 donation pays for blood tests
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