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Generosity Brings Joy to Pediatric Patients

About the Extraordinary Kids Fund

Play is a child's equivalent to work. It is how they learn, grow, and express themselves. Research shows that children who are given the opportunity to play in the hospital environment heal faster. The Extraordinary Kids Fund is managed by Hennepin Healthcare's child life specialists, whose goal is to decrease the stress associated with hospitalization for pediatric patients and families. Through the generosity of donors, the Extraordinary Kids Fund provides children and teens with resources for education, coping, and play.

Child life specialists also plan and facilitate special events throughout the year such as holiday parties, birthday celebrations, catered family meals and more.

Donations to the Extraordinary Kids Fund assist child life specialists in providing a safe, therapeutic, and fun environment for our pediatric patients and families and—in turn—a positive healthcare experience.

Amazon Wish-List for the Extraordinary Kids at Hennepin Healthcare

Throughout the year our child life specialists manage a wish list of specific items for our inpatient pediatric patients. These items can be used for education, coping, play, comfort, or gifts. During the holiday season, we adjust the focus of our wish list to items most needed by patients. We welcome donations for all patients ages 0-18, however, this year we are focusing on teenagers, infants, and children with special needs.

If you are interested in donating books, toys, etc. to the Extraordinary Kids Fund and have questions, please email [email protected].  

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