What Generosity Does for the Food Shelf

The Food Shelf at HCMC is one of the few food shelves in the nation located in a hospital setting. This service provides food bags to patients and their families when they come for their medical appointments. A unique part of their check-in with a provider is the inclusion of a question on food insecurity.  If identified, patients have the opportunity to receive a food bag and get connected with additional community resources, including federal assistance programs.


Rates of Food Insecurity at Hennepin Healthcare

  • 35% of families with young children
  • 18% of pregnant mothers
  • 38% of patients seen in the ER
Serves 28 HCMC based clinics and 8 Hennepin Healthcare community clinics.
Reaches 2,000 families per month.
Distributes over 600,000 pounds of food per year. 

"I am so proud to work at a place that cares about families as a whole. I ask if families have had any challenges obtaining food resources. Whether they answer yes or no, I can honestly and sincerely let them know that is food ever becomes a concern, we will be here to help. When I tell them that if they know anyone who has challenges finding food, they too can come here, I witness a visible relief and satisfaction. It is a satisfaction to know not only that there are emergency food resources, but also that they are being treated at a place that care genuinely about all people."

- Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian, Department of Pediatrics

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