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Hunger and Health

About the Immediate Food Support Program

The Immediate Food Support Program helps patients at Hennepin Healthcare who are identified to be food insecure. The program provides a food pack designed to meet the patients’ health conditions and some basic needs. This program addresses immediate needs with a food box, but it also provides the educational tools to healthy living and other food resources in the community.

Nationally 1 in 6 adults have inadequate access to enough food. In Minnesota, the 2017-2017 food insecurity rate was 9.5%. That means 1 in 10 households faces food insecurity. According to Feeding America, nearly 135,000 individuals in Hennepin County are food insecure. Dr. Diana Cutts, Chief of Pediatrics at Hennepin Healthcare, indicates that 1 in 3 young children served by Hennepin Healthcare is living in food-insecure households.

The Immediate Food Support Program is available to all patients and is delivered as a part of the standard patient care right during the visit. No waiting, no going to another location and personalized information and resources.

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