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Generosity Supports Patients With Needs They Cannot Meet

About the Patient Care & Comfort Fund

Research tells us that social and economic factors—such as income, housing status, and family and community supports—account for almost 40% of health outcomes, while clinical care delivery accounts for 20%. It is critical to understand what is happening to a patient beyond the exam room, identify barriers to good health, and find ways to meet patients’ holistic needs.

The Patient Comfort and Care Fund is a resource for patients receiving care through the Hennepin Healthcare System that aims to reduce barriers to healthcare access, aid in hospital discharge, and provide additional comfort and care to patients in the inpatient, outpatient, ED, and transition care areas.

There are many ways these funds have been used to help patients in the past, funding everything from a fridge to store insulin to facilitating transportation to a patient's home county. By donating to this fund, you can provide support to patients who have needs they cannot otherwise meet and will improve their health care access and health outcomes.


A patient with severe congestive heart failure needed a shower chair. He was unable to stand for long periods of time due to his health conditions. Without the shower chair, he was at risk for falling and suffering an injury. His primary care provider made a request for a chair, but the patient could not afford it out of pocket and insurance would not cover it. The care team submitted a request to pay for it through the Patient Comfort and Care Fund. With this support, the patient was able to receive a shower chair and stay safe in his home.

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