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Generosity Provides Comfort & Joy to Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department

About the Pediatric Trauma Fund

Pediatric emergency and trauma care require a unique approach to provide care in a child-friendly and non-scary way. We understand that early healthcare experiences shape a patient's perception of healthcare for the rest of their lives, so itis essential to create a comfortable environment where both the patient and their caregiver(s) feel confident.

Child Life Specialists usually are the ones to create this environment. Unfortunately, Hennepin Healthcare does not have the resources to dedicate Child Life Specialists to every department. It is up to each Emergency Department staff member to create a safe and child-friendly environment for our patients; this is crucial to give the best level of emergency care.

Recently, donations allowed us to purchase a Laughing Gas Machine (Nitrous Oxide) which enables us to perform procedures is a less scary and painful way.

Your generous donations to the Pediatric Trauma Fund will allow the Emergency Department to continue to provide excellent care, to children of all ages, in a way that will leave a positive impression of healthcare for many years to come.


The Pediatric Trauma Fund purchases all the "tools" nurses and providers need to give their care. Some of these "tools" include:

  • iPads and no-tip iPad stands
  • Games & toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Distraction aids for calming and creating more comforting and 'ouch-less' procedures

View our Amazon Wish-List of "tools," that can be purchased and shipped directly to the Emergency Department, here.

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