Generosity Supports Healthy Lifestyles for Children and Families

About the Taking Steps Together Program

Taking Steps Together is a 17-week nutrition and healthy lifestyle program for families. The program is made up of three main elements:

  • Cooking and eating together.
  • Playing
  • Discussing nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

The program focuses on preventing pediatric obesity and is co-facilitated by a diabetes educator and a community health worker. The sessions are designed to be interactive, with games, activities, and meal preparation as a group.

Philanthropy helps us provide all of the critical components of the program from pedometers to water bottles to the community center space to hold 17-weeks of classes. In addition to these materials, donations also help us provide the following:

  • Zumba and yoga instructor fees
  • Healthy meals and prep supplies
  • Bus tokens to help families go to and from classes more easily
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