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Here 4 Health Community Health Series

Hennepin Healthcare is hosting a series of educational events focused on keeping you healthy, active and feeling your best. After each session, we’ll provide time to interact with the presenters.

Let’s Talk Endometriosis

Saturday, November 16 | 11am – 1pm
Clinic & Specialty Center | 715 South 8th Street, Minneapolis
Event held in the M. Stillman Education and Community Center, Level 1

Endometriosis is a chronic disease that can affect women starting in their teens, often accompanied by years of physical and emotional pain. Its cause is not completely understood but endometriosis has been associated with genetics, retrograde menstruation (backward movement of menstrual fluid), and poor immune function.

There’s strength in sharing knowledge about the disease and finding support. You’re invited to come and hear from Dr. Eric Heegaard, an expert in the care and treatment of endometriosis, to learn about:

  • How endometriosis develops and how it is diagnosed
  • The best course of treatment and options to manage symptoms and improve quality of life
  • Medical management for pain and infertility
  • Connecting with others who struggle with endometriosis
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here4health group session
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