Hennepin Healthcare

We've evolved, and we've grown. Meeting the ever-changing needs of the community each step of the way. Our new name, Hennepin Healthcare, conveys a transformation into an integrated system of care delivering clinical expertise across our offerings, from primary and specialty care, to home care and hospice, rehabilitation, emergency medical services, inpatient care, outpatient clinics, and more.

We're here for the emergency and the every day.

We're here to save lives, and celebrate them too.

We're here for every minute of every day.

We're here for life.

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The Hennepin Healthcare Logo

With a vibrancy that reflects the diverse community we serve, the Hennepin Healthcare logo represents the crispness and precision we bring to our work. The chevrons point inward to the patient - at the center of everything we do.  They also radiate outward to reflect our connection to the community. The medical cross in the center reflects our core - serving the varied healthcare needs of our patients. 

The We're Here for Life video reflects the many reasons our staff chose to work at Hennepin Healthcare and the amazing system of care that results from their committment.

Satya Bommakanti, MD

We asked one of the providers featured in our ad campaign to reflect on her Hennepin Healthcare experience.


“I believe people who choose to work at Hennepin Healthcare have the gift and privilege of caring for patients from all walks of life. The quality, commitment, and teamwork of our providers translate into the best care for our patients.

We provide care for a variety of hematology and oncology patients, and we follow many of them for years. I enjoy that continuity of care. I am also grateful to be a part of a field that continues to grow, improve and provide new treatment options.  Each year, our Comprehensive Cancer Center raises money for holiday gifts for patients most in need. One such patient with head and neck cancer needed to come daily for his cancer treatments, which was very challenging for him. Upon completion of his treatments, he mentioned that he missed his daily visits. We had become a major part of his social network. This is a great example of the care and compassion our team has to offer all of our patients.

Many providers decide to practice at Hennepin Healthcare because we serve a diverse patient population. Our providers also have a genuine rapport with each other, which leads to better care for our patients.  I have met some of the most intelligent and compassionate providers during my time here.  Hennepin Healthcare emphasizes provider well-being so that we can work together to care for our patients to the best of our abilities.”  - Satya Bommakanti, MD