Hennepin Healthcare

We've evolved, and we've grown. Meeting the ever-changing needs of the community each step of the way. Our new name, Hennepin Healthcare, conveys a transformation into an integrated system of care delivering clinical expertise across our offerings, from primary and specialty care, to home care and hospice, rehabilitation, emergency medical services, inpatient care, outpatient clinics, and more.

We're here for the emergency and the every day.

We're here to save lives, and celebrate them too.

We're here for every minute of every day.

We're here for life.

Hennepin Healthcare

The Hennepin Healthcare Logo

With a vibrancy that reflects the diverse community we serve, the Hennepin Healthcare logo represents the crispness and precision we bring to our work. The chevrons point inward to the patient - at the center of everything we do.  They also radiate outward to reflect our connection to the community. The medical cross in the center reflects our core - serving the varied healthcare needs of our patients. 

The We're Here for Life video reflects the many reasons our staff chose to work at Hennepin Healthcare and the amazing system of care that results from their committment.

Veeti Tandon, MD

We asked one of the providers featured in our ad campaign to reflect on her Hennepin Healthcare experience.


"Hennepin Healthcare is most often known for its excellent downtown trauma hospital, but we are much more. We have a phenomenal system of integrated care – from everyday primary care to all of the specialties you might need as a patient. This integrated care results in better prevention of disease and better long-term care for individuals with chronic diseases.

I chose internal medicine as my specialty because I enjoy taking care of the whole person. Here, I am surrounded by an extraordinary group of providers who feel the same way and are committed to delivering the very best primary and incremental care in the region. The result is better population health management for our community.

Something amazing happens at Hennepin Healthcare every minute. It could be a provider building a partnership with a patient, making that person feel safe and heard. It could be a physician helping a patient improve after much trial and error when there isn’t a clear treatment for that patient’s condition. It could be a provider helping a patient gain a true understanding of his or her complex medical care.

Every day, I go home knowing I had ample opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life. I love the diversity of our patients and our providers. I love the excellent care we deliver. I love the teaching opportunities here that drive the future of medicine.

We are so much more than a trauma hospital. Excellent integrated primary care can be found right here at Hennepin Healthcare. We welcome the opportunity to serve your healthcare needs." - Veeti Tandon, MD

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