Cultural Resources


African Community Services | 612-728-5438

  • Free service provides support and resources for employment, unemployment support, refugee program, legal clinic, low cost furniture and more.

Isuroon | 651-886- 2731 |

  • Support services for Somali and East African women and their families.

African Community Senior Services | 612-735-8776 |

  • Provides assistance in applying for insurance, transportation to appointments, and tax services to East Africans.

African Immigrant Community Services (AICS) | 612-871-9481 |

  • Provides assistance for emergency and permanent housing, applying for public benefits, finding employment and more

Sukoon Healing of the Minds | 763-363-2088

  • Offers mental health support and assistance for individuals experiencing emotional distress or crisis situations.

Black / African American

Man Up Club | 612-584-3125 |

  • Provides support and resources for employment and unemployment support for young black men.

American Indian

American Indian Family Center | 651-793-3803 |

  • Providing American Indian family services for mental health, recovery, housing, youth, family and employment.

Indian Health Board | 612-721-9800 |

  • A community health clinic that provides primary medical care, dental services, mental and behavioral health, and recovery services, along with health and wellness education.
  • Also specializes in promoting health care in an urban setting to American Indians, Alaska Natives, and the surrounding diverse Minneapolis community.


Communidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES) | 612-746-0347 |

  • Support services for the Latino community with dementia and behavioral health issues, and their caregivers.

Amigos Del Mercado | 612-728-5438 |

  • Helping members of Latino community with assistance of daily challenges of living in Minnesota. They offer special focus on limited English-speaking persons.  Provides one-to-one help.

Esperanza United | Crisis Line 651-772-1611 |

  • Latino/a community advocacy, crisis response, and living shelter for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Aqui Para Ti / Here for You | 612-873-8145 |

  • Hennepin Healthcare clinic in the Minneapolis Whittier neighborhood for  Latino youth ages 11 to 24 and their families.

La Clinica | 651-602-5700 |

  • Healthcare clinic offering Spanish speaking and Latino caregivers in St. Paul's Westside community.

Undocumented Immigrant Services

Children's Dental Services | 612-746-1530 / 1-866-543-6009 |

Phillips Neighborhood Clinic | 612-724-1690 |

  • Free clinic operated by student health professionals from the University of Minnesota. Accepts undocumented immigrants.
  • First come, first serve, do not take appointments.
  • Spanish interpreters are always on site.