male teen attending Pathways at MCTC

Pathways to Success

What is it?

MORE than just a GED program.  Here, you get to take the lead in designing your educational future.  Pathways will use academic and career assessments to help you decide what you’d like to do and which route is best for you.

  1. GED/College Path
  2. Exploration Path - college preparation and support, high school placement for diploma or GED
  3. High School Diploma/College path
  4. Internships and training for job skills

What will I be doing while I attend Pathways?

You will have the support of an educational counselor while you explore which educational option is best for you and guidance on how to achieve your goals.  The staff at the Pathways sites will work with you and your MVNA case worker(s) to maintain your case, set goals, and achieve those goals.

  1. Help you formulate the best plan for you
  2. Provide a learning environment for you to work on your plan
  3. Provide daily support and encouragement
  4. Provide extensive outreach and resources

Pathways staff will work closely with your MVNA case worker to help manage your case.

Pathways at both MCTC and BCA
  • Access to bus line and tokens provided
  • Accuplacer college placement testing
  • Annex Teen Clinic resources/class
  • Career exploration
  • College transition services
  • D3 Program
  • GED preparation
  • High school placement
  • Intake and consultation for school
  • Lunch vouchers provided
  • Mindfulness techniques/class
  • On college campus
  • Psychological evaluation resources
  • Training and internships
Unique only to BCA
  • Access to onsite daycare
  • Access to school bus for transportation during the regular year
  • Onsite counseling services
  • Physician onsite once a week

Pathways participants share their amazing journey.


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