Directions & Parking

Event Parking

Find parking at regular parking rates in the HCMC and "Hospital" parking ramps during downtown events.

Parking During Events

Hennepin Healthcare's downtown campus is located across the street from the U.S. Bank Stadium. On event days, Hennepin Healthcare patients and visitors will be able to park in the HCMC and "Hospital" Parking Ramps at the regular parking rates.

Schedule of events

For additional event information, visit the US Bank Stadium website.

Payment instructions

  1. Tell the parking attendant at the entrance that you are a patient/visitor. You will be given a ticket to use at the exit.
  2. Request a voucher in the clinic or unit.
  3. Use the ticket and voucher at the pay station before exiting.*
    • Insert the entrance ticket into the pay station. The event charge will appear.
    • Insert the patient voucher to switch to the regular rate.
    • Pay the displayed parking fee. In some cases, the entire fee will be covered, such as with long-term hospitalization vouchers.

*Please note that the exit lane pay stations only accept credit. To pay with cash, look for a pay-on-foot machine in the ramp lobby.

Getting Here

Find directions and maps to the downtown Hennepin campus.

Event Parking

Know where to park during events.

Ramp & Street Parking

Find ramps and street parking close to your clinic.

Public Transit & Biking

Find light rail, bus routes, and bicycle parking.

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