Helping Patients and Families

Patient and family partners help patients and their families find healthcare resources.

Patient and Family Partners


The patient/family is considered to be the focus of the health care delivery system at Hennepin County Medical Center. The family includes immediate family members and/or designated significant others as identified by the patient. The inclusion of the patient/family will enhance communication with the organization and improve patient satisfaction in a collaborative venture.


The Patient and Family Partners offer input into patient care and organization processes and advocates patient/family needs from a broad perspective. The Patient and Family Partner may participate in activities such as:

  • Medical Center Committees
  • Excellence Councils
  • Focus Groups
  • Experience Based Design Teams
  • Policy development
  • Other designated committees or projects related to patient care
  • The Patient Partner is encouraged to identify patient safety issues.


  • The Patient and Family Partner can expect to have processes/terminology explained as needed, and debriefing after each meeting if requested.
  • The Patient and Family Partner will be given the name and contact information for an organization contact.
  • The Patient and Family Partner will be formally on-boarded as applicable.
  • The Patient and Family Partner will be listened to and respected for their insight and suggestions.
  • The Patient and Family Partner can expect a safe environment to discuss concerns.
  • The Patient and Family Partner is requested to attend meetings or provide other input on a regular basis. Participation is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time with notice. A minimum of a one-year commitment is desired.
  • The Patient Partner and Family may be invited to attend educational sessions.


  • The Patient and Family Partner will maintain the confidentiality of patient and organizational sensitive information.
  • The Patient and Family Partner will complete HIPAA privacy training and sign a confidentiality form.
  • The Patient and Family Partner will wear a name badge stating ‘Patient Partner’ as applicable after a background check in completed by HCMC Security Department.
  • Committee members can recommend potential Patient and Family Partners who can be former adult patients or members of the community from diverse populations.


Kris Sherer

Patient and Family Partner Coordinator
[email protected]

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