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Pediatric Drug Book

Hennepin Healthcare - Pediatric Emergency Drug Book, 5th Edition, Cost: $75.00/book
Order the Pediatric Emergency Drug Book, 5th Edition.

The Hennepin Healthcare Pediatric Emergency Drug Book 2020, 5th Edition is an easy-to-use reference for weight-based drug doses and calculations with age-dependent equipment sizes in the emergency care of the pediatric patient.  Our team has spent many hours reviewing the literature on evolving standards of care and changes to pediatric medication administration, and have incorporated this updated information in the book. (See example below.)

peds drug book sampleNew Changes and Updates:

19 new medications

Supraglottic, video laryngoscope and endotracheal tube airway sizes.

Recommended ideal body weight medications are highlighted and bolded.

The amount/dose column is highlighted.

Range and dose updates for meds and infusions.

New guides in Reference Section

  • Otitis Media Guidelines
  • Management of Open Fractures: Anti-Infectives
  • Pediatric Blunt Head Trauma Guidelines
  • Assessment of Physical Abuse
  • Pediatric Massive Transfusion Protocols.
  • Sinusitis Guidelines
  • Pediatric Appendicitis Scoring
  • Pediatric Milestones
  • Oral and Atomized Intranasal Med kg Dosing Charts
  • Pediatric Sepsis Screening Tool

Updated Charts

Approach to the Ill Child and Fluid Replacement for Burns

Sim case worksheets are available to help staff become familiar with emergent pediatric care, meds, and equipment in their environment and utilizing this resource with its various features are available by email in 2020. Let us know if you are interested in receiving it.

As the region’s oldest and largest trauma center, we take our educational mission seriously. When the need for pediatric illness or injury care arises we have created this tool to help meet the unique needs of children. Whether it is for education, consultation, or caring for these sickest patients, our Level One Pediatric Trauma Center is here for you and your patients. National benchmarking data shows that pediatric trauma patients at Hennepin Healthcare have a better chance of survival than almost anywhere else in the county.  This resource helps teams be organized and be able to assist in providing safe age-appropriate care and medications to this special population.

Hennepin Healthcare - Pediatric Emergency Drug Book, 5th Edition, Cost: $75.00/book
Order the Pediatric Emergency Drug Book, 5th Edition.


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