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ECHO Resources

Find resources and archived ECHO sessions. All sessions are in Powerpoint format.

Archived ECHO Sessions

05/28/2020: Treating housing unstable patients, Rosemary Fister

05/21/2020: Telemedicine and domestic violence screening, Breanna Heisterkamp, RN, BSN, PHN, Program Coordinator, Hennepin Assault Response Team

05/14/2020: Peer Recovery Support during COVID-19, Wendy Jones, Minnesota Recovery Connection & Luke Kjolsing, Recovree

05/07/2020: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia, Mark Rosenblum, Psy D, DBSM

04/02/2020: Psychiatric Concerns during COVID-19, Helen Wood, MD

04/09/2020: Psychological First Aid for Patients and Providers, Cameron Weaver, PhD

04/16/2020: Treating with MOUD during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kelly Ramsey, MD

04/23/2020: Safer Injection Resources in the Clinic Setting, David Glanzer, RN

04/30/2020: Outpatient Alcohol Management, David Peter, MD, MSN

11/05/2019: Project ECHO model & expectations, Kay Schwebke, MD, MPH, MA, Hennepin Healthcare, HIV Medicine & Infectious Diseases

11/19/2019: Initial evaluation of HCV, Jesse Powell, PA, Hennepin Healthcare, Department of Gastroenterology

12/10/2019: When to refer to a specialist, Jesse Powell, PA, Hennepin Healthcare, Department of Gastroenterology

12/17/2019: Staging liver disease, Khalil Farah, MD, Hennepin Healthcare, Department of Gastroenterology

01/07/2020: Hepatitis C in Minnesota, Genny Grilli, Senior Epidemiologist, Minnesota Department of Health

01/14/2020: HCV Drug Interactions, George Konstantinides, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic, Hennepin Healthcare

01/21/2020: 2020 Medicaid HCV prior authorization changes, Kristal Gray, PharmD, Hennepin Healthcare

02/04/2020: Preparing patients for HCV treatment, Luisa Rodriguez Duran, RN, Hennepin Healthcare

02/11/2020: Viral Serologies, Khalil Farah, MD, Hennepin Healthcare, Department of Gastroenterology

02/18/2020: MN state data on opioid deaths & acute HCV infections, Mary DeLaquil, MPH Epidemiologist

03/03/2020: Management of HIV/HCV coinfection, Kay Schwebke, MD, MPH, MA, Hennepin Healthcare, HIV Medicine & Infectious Diseases

04/07/2020: Acute HCV infection, Khalil Farah, MD

05/05/2020: Guidelines for Hep C Treatment, Jesse Powell, PA

05/19/2020: Medication adherence tips, George Konstantinides, PharmD

06/02/2020: Complications of Cirrhosis, Khalil Farah, MD, Hennepin Healthcare

06/16/2020: HCC Treatment, Luisa Rodriguez Duran, RN, Hennepin Healthcare

07/07/2020: Treatment as prevention & harm reduction, John Hagan, MD, North Dakota Department of Corrections

07/21/2020: Opioid Use Disorder and HCV, Brenda Bauch, MSN, CNP, Hennepin Healthcare

08/04/2020: Staging Liver Disease: Non-invasive Approaches (Part 1): Kay Schwebke, MD, MPH, MA, Hennepin Healthcare, HIV Medicine & Infectious Diseases

08/18/2020: Treating Housing Unstable Patients: Amy Gordon, DNP, Hennepin County Healthcare for the Homeless

09/01/2020: Staging Liver Disease: Non-invasive Approaches (Part 2): Kay Schwebke, MD, MPH, MA, Hennepin Healthcare, HIV Medicine & Infectious Diseases

09/15/2020: Native American Cultural Competency: Dena Smith, PharmD, White Earth Indian Health Center

10/6/2020: Substance Use Disorders: Screening, with a Focus on DSM-5 Criteria:          Cameron Weaver, PhD, LP, Hennepin Healthcare

10/20/2020: Substance Use Disorders: Assessment of Sequelae - Readiness, Ambivalence, Triggers, Barriers, and Values: Cameron Weaver, PhD, LP, Hennepin Healthcare

11/3/2020: Treatment monitoring and SVR12 assessment: Craig Peine, MD, Hennepin Healthcare, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

03/05/2020: Dreaded Phone Calls: early refills, lost meds, precipitated withdrawal, Kathy Nevins, DNP

03/12/2020: Acute pain management for the patient on buprenorphine, Anne Pylkas, MD

03/19/2020: COVID-19 and Opioid Use Disorder, Brian Grahan, MD

03/26/2020: Guidance on Opioid CME requirements, Charles Reznikoff, MD

01/09/2020: Core documentation and labs, Brian Grahan, MD

01/16/2020: Dose finding: From Induction to Maintenance, Brian Grahan, MD

01/23/2020: Managing staff perceptions: Addressing stigma & language, Jeremiah Fairbanks, MD

01/30/2020: Relapse prevention counseling, Nate Erickson, LADC

02/06/2020: Pain psychology, Murray McAllister, PsyD, LP

02/13/2020: Managing mood & OUD, Helen Wood, MD & Cam Weaver, PhD

02/20/2020: Should I discharge this patient? Questionable Behaviors, Brenda Bauch, NP

02/27/2020: Anxiety in patients with OUD, Helen Wood, MD & Cam Weaver, PhD

06/11/2020: Racism in Addiction Medicine Part 1: Minnesota Systems: Cuong Pham, MD, Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity

06/25/2020: Trauma-Informed Care: Helen Kim, MD, Hennepin Healthcare, Co-founder and director of the Hennepin Healthcare Mother-Baby Program and Redleaf Center for Family Healing and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota

07/09/2020: Understanding East African Clients (Somali 101): Yussuf S. Shafie MSW, LGSW, LADC, Alliance Wellness Center

07/16/2020: How Whiteness Informs Implicit Bias: Julie Leavett, MD, Private Practice Psychiatrist, San Francisco, CA

07/23/2020: Identifying, Responding and Advocating for Families when Child Abuse is Suspected: Laurel Edinburgh, APRN, CPNP, PMHS, Urban Balance

07/30/2020: Families Struggling with Substance Use: Tamarah L. Gehlen LMFT, LADC, CCTP, FLE, Wayside Recovery Center

08/06/2020: Racism in Addiction Medicine Part 2: Micro-Aggression and Implicit Bias: Aarti Bhatt, MD, Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity

08/13/2020: Addressing Racism with Youth of Color in our Daily Interventions: Reclaiming Their Right to Dream: Maria Veronica Svetaz, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FSAHM, Hennepin Healthcare

08/20/2020: Americans with Disabilities Act and Protections for Individuals with Disabilities: Opioid Addiction: Justin Page, JD, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid/Minnesota Disability Law Center

08/27/2020: Racism in Addiction Medicine, Part 3: Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity

09/03/2020: Innovative Strategies to Increase Naloxone Access in Health Care Systems: Kenett Winters, PharmD, & Laurie Willhite, PharmD, Hennepin Healthcare

09/10/2020: Racial and Political Socialization: Family Framing on Adolescent Health: Maria Veronica Svetaz, MD MPH FAAFP FSAHM, Hennepin Healthcare

09/17/2020: Illicit Drug Market During Covid-19: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

09/24/2020: Expanding Services for Opiate Use Disorder: Rice County Opioid Response Project

Pain Management Series

12/19/2019: Tobacco cessation and opioids, Drew Busch
12/12/2019: When opioids are appropriate for pain management, Miles Belgrade
11/21/2019: How to talk about tapers, Erin Krebs
11/14/2019: Self-Management of Pain as an Opioid Substitute, Murray McAllister
11/07/2019: Tapering outcomes: What to do with the patient on chronic opioids, Erin E. Krebs, MD, MPH
10/31/2019: Interpreting pain as a symptom, Charles Reznikoff
10/24/2019: Integrative approaches to complex pain, Kate Shafto
10/03/2019: Substance-induced psychosis, Helen Wood
09/26/2019: Opioid Report Card, Charles Reznikoff

09/12/2019: Hepatitis A in Minnesota, Genny Grilli & Annie Fedorowicz, MPH
Use of Naltrexone for OUD
Stimulant use: patterns and clinical approach, Charlie Reznikoff
CDC Guidelines, Kurt Devine
06/20/2019: Case-based Learning – In-depth review of case, James Anway
06/13/2019: Opioid Use Disorder Diagnosis Algorithm, Charles Reznikoff
06/06/2019: Hepatitis C Cases, Brian Grahan
05/30/2019: Detangling Differential Diagnoses: Why you should care about specificity in psychiatric diagnoses, Cameron Weaver
05/23/2019: High dose taper and transition to Buprenorphine (part 2) - Anne Pylkas
05/16/2019: High dose taper and transition to Buprenorphine (part 1) - Anne Pylkas
05/09/2019: Hepatitis C update for primary care, Jessie Powell, PA-C
05/02/2019: Clinical Flow and Documentation - Brian Grahan
04/18/2019: BPD recognition and management - Kaz J. Nelson
04/11/2019: Motivational Interviewing: Transtheoretical model of change - Nathan Erickson
04/04/2019: Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) - Nicole Kosanke
03/28/2019: Medication Disposal - Dana Slade
03/21/2019: 245G or OBAT: Distinctions, Levels of Care - Nathan Erickson
03/14/2019: Substance-Induced Anxiety - Helen Wood
03/07/2019: Peri-operative Buprenorphine Management - Anne Pylkas, MD
02/28/2019: Contingency Management - Cameron Weaver, PhD, LP
02/14/2019: Cannabis and Opioid: Friends, Enemies or Frenemies? – Charles Reznikoff, MD
02/07/2019: The role of behavioral therapies in medication-assisted therapies for opioid dependence, Kathy Carroll, PhD
01/31/2019: Urine Toxicology, Sara Love, PhD
01/24/2019: Development of a Comprehensive Opioid Management Program in Rural Orthopaedics, Adam English, APRN, FNP-C
01/17/2019: Pain and Opioids, Bret Haake, MD
01/10/2019: Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy, Cresta Jones, MD
01/03/2019: Benzodiazepine, Opioid Guidelines (Part 2 of 2) - Charles Reznikoff, MD

12/20/2018: Medication for Addiction Treatment & Homelessness, Phil Gyura, DNP, FNP-BC, Ian Noire, LPN
12/13/2018: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders, Cameron Weaver, PhD, LP
12/06/2018: Benzodiazepine Tapers, Charles Reznikoff, MD, Sedatives/Hypnotics (e.g. Benzodiazepines)
11/29/2018: Alcohol Pharmacology, Brian Grahan, MD, Alcohol Use Disorders Psychopharmacology
11/15/2018: Myths and Misunderstandings about Native Americans, George Goggleye
11/08/2018: How to Stay Off the "Naughty List" with the State's New Opioid Report Card
10/25/2018: Non-Pharmacological and Non-Opioid Pain Management, APrasad
10/11/2018: A Successful Model for Opioid Monitoring: Conservative Management Center at Hennepin Healthcare, LWillhite
09/27/2018: Management of Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, KHeaney
09/13/2018: Pain and Mood Concerns, JoEllen M. Kozlowski
08/23/2018: The Behavior of sleep: Improving sleep quality, Cameron Weaver
08/09/2018: Solutions Focused in Brief Counseling, NErickson
07/26-2018: Working with CD Programs, BBaker
07/12/2018: Nurse Care Model, TCarew
06/28/2018: Basic Pharmacological Terms, GBart
06/14/2018: Pain Management, CWeaver
05/24/2018: Co-occurring Mental & Physical Health, KHeaney
05/10/2018: Evidence-based Screening & SBIRT Technique, CWeaver
04/26/2018: Intro to Motivational Interviewing, NErickson
04/12/2018: Risk Reduction and Safe Use of Opioids, KDevine
03/22/2018: Opioid Use Disorder Overview, BGrahan

Resources for MAT Clinics

General Session

Opioid Use Disorder and Buprenorphine (Reznikoff & Grahan)

Patient Evaluation (Reznikoff & Grahan)

Waiver Training

Introduction and Maintenance (Reznikoff & Grahan)

Half and Half Training: Case Discussions (Reznikoff & Grahan)

Pain Management and Buprenorphine (Pylkas)

Urine Drug Test Interpretation and Troubleshooting (Bilden & Bell)

Managing Other Drug Use in Patients on Buprenorphine (Reznikoff)

Clinical Teams

Team-based Intakes, Inductions, and Visits: Key Roles and Considerations for Non-prescribers

(Jones, Foss, & Anderson)

High Risk Prescription Management: Tapers, Diversion Detection, and Overdose Reduction

(Willhite & Devine)

Pragmatic Issues for Buprenorphine Prescribers (Reznikoff)

Motivational Interviewing Skills (Weaver)

From Stabilization to Maintenance: Medical-Decision-Making (Kietzmann & Vukonich)

Operational Leaders

Operational Models of Care Panel: What and Who do I Need in Clinic (Hayes, Bell, & Frenz)

Financial Feasibility and Sustainability: Why Prescribe Buprenorphine in Clinic (Ohlerking, Shellum, & Buckallew)

Coordination with Addiction Treatment Programs (Erickson, Peterson, & Bryant)

Coordination with Criminal Justice (Erickson & Kern)

How to Measure Success (Grahan & Devine)

BUP Boot Camp Online Resources

Call back process

Hennepin Healthcare Addiction Medicine Clinic Call Back Visit Note

Hennepin Healthcare Addiction Medicine Clinic Call Back Phone Documentation

OBAT Call Back Process

OBAT Call Back Documentation Worksheet

OBAT Call Back Program Orientation Form

Documentation Templates

Addiction Medicine Outpatient New Patient Note

BUP Induction Assessment & Plan

Office Based Opioid Treatment Follow-up Note

Patient Treatment Information: Buprenorphine

Starting on Suboxone: Home Induction Patient Instructions

Vermont Treatment Needs Questionnaire (Sigmon + Brooklyn)

Protocols and Standing Orders

HH Addiction Medicine Buprenorphine RN Visit Protocol

HH Addiction Medicine In-Clinic Buprenorphine Induction Protocol

Urine Drug Testing Resources

Role of Urine Drug Testing in Opioid Epidemic

Clinical Interpretation of Urine Drug Tests

Urine Drug Test Orders and Interpretation

Other Resources

Boston Medical Center OBAT Policy and Procedure Manual

Logistical Questions for Your Clinic

Vermont Treatment Needs Questionnaire (Sigmon + Brooklyn)

Hennepin Healthcare Opioid Withdrawal Adjunct Medications

Hennepin Healthcare Guidelines for Specialty OBAT

Hennepin Healthcare Guidelines for Primary Care Office Based Addiction Treatment

Hennepin Healthcare Office Based Addiction Treatment: Financial Calculations

Insurance Coverage for Buprenorphine

MAT Intake Data Collection

Instructions for Starting BUP Induction

Acute Pain Management for Patient Receiving Maintenance Methadone or BUP Therapy

Physician Credit

Hennepin Healthcare is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Hennepin Healthcare designates these live activities for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit ™   Physicians should only claim the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Other Health Care Professionals

Other healthcare providers who participate in this CME activity may submit their statement of attendance to their appropriate accrediting organizations or state boards for consideration of credit. Participants are responsible for determining whether this activity meets the requirements for acceptable continuing education.


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