Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“In therapy, I strive to honor the personal and functional goals of my patients, while offering compassion, education, and the necessary tools to help them feel more independent and involved in their recovery.”

Clinical Expertise

Kelsey is a Speech-Language Pathologist who provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. She is a team member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Outpatient Program. She earned her undergraduate degrees from the University of Iowa in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Science, with a concentration in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. She completed her thesis on moral judgment and emotion processing following focal brain injury. She obtained her MA degree in 2018 from the University of Minnesota in Speech-Language Pathology, following a variety of clinical rotations serving patients with ALS, head and neck cancer, dysphagia, and aphasia. Her clinical fellowship was completed in 2019 at Hennepin Healthcare.


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Professional Affiliations

  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


  • Certificate of Clinical Competence, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Basic Life Support Certification, American Heart Association


“I enjoy lifting weights well and practicing yoga poorly, eating strange food, gardening small amounts of vegetables in the middle of the city, and playing video games. Hopefully by the time you are reading this I have multiple wonderful pets. I am also an Iowa Hawkeyes fan who is (slowly) conforming to Vikings culture.”