Minnesota Healthy Brain Initiative

The Minnesota Healthy Brain Initiative is a research project to study and increase awareness of the impact of alcohol on brain function by uncovering alcohol-induced visual deficits via eye tracking.

The data collected will be used in assisting brain injury research. Also, eye tracking gives people a chance to see the impact of alcohol intoxication on the movement of their eyes!

What our participants can expect:

  • You will be asked some simple medical history questions.
  • You will sign a consent that your results may be used in the study.
  • You will watch two short videos that move around a screen and asked to follow them with your eyes.

To be a part of history contact us directly at 612-873-7190 or [email protected].

The Brain Injury Research Lab is exploring methods for improved classification of brain injury to enable better identification of people who do not recover. Our research uses sophisticated eye-tracking technology that does not need a baseline test for comparison (while most others do) and is available to all levels of age and literacy. A research subject watches a short film clip or music video while a camera measures eye movements with high precision and identifies patterns associated with brain injury or other abnormalities.