Our board-certified dermatologists practice medical, surgical, academic and cosmetic dermatology. They assess and treat a full range of skin conditions and see adult and pediatric patients at several locations in the west metro.


Medical dermatology includes diagnosing and treating conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacia, or testing provide allergy skin testing.

Procedural dermatology can involve the removal of growths that can be benign (non-cancerous) or cancerous. We offer a few different types of procedures.

  • Photodynamic therapy utilizes blue light to treat precancerous and cancerous skin lesions. It also offers photo rejuvenation benefits. It can also repair skin conditions with laser technology or ultraviolet light therapy.
  • Mohs (micrographic) surgery is a special technique performed by our fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon. This type of surgery offers high cure rates and is tissue sparing. Mohs surgery is considered the most effective technique for treating basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, the two most common types of skin cancer.

Cosmetic dermatology services include Botox®, fillers, microneedling, chemical peels and benign growth removal. Those services are available at our North Loop Clinic. There is also a variety of laser and phototherapy services available as a cosmetic service. Those services are available at our Clinic & Specialty Center. Hennepin Healthcare's cosmetic services are performed by medical dermatologists, not simply aestheticians, providers with limited training. Call 612-873-5822 for more information on consultations and appointments.

Quality skin care products are available in the North Loop Pharmacy.

Laser and phototherapy treatments are performed in our Clinic & Specialty Center.

  • Our V-Beam® Laser is the most effective laser for the treatment of rosacea, facial scars, birthmarks and veins. It can also be used to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, sun damage, warts, and visible dilated blood vessels. The VBeam® laser uses a dye to generate different colors of laser beams which are delivered in pulses. It is also referred to as a vascular laser.
  • Fraxel® is laser therapy for people who want a non-invasive effective treatment that reverses signs of aging. It can smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone all without the downtime of other procedures. Fraxel® treatment not only works on the face but also on delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands.
  • Photodynamic therapy (also referred to as PDT or Blue Light Therapy), is the use of light or laser energy and can be used to treat acne, sun damage and precancerous cells. PDT works with a solution called Levulan®, which must be applied a specific time before the treatment.

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Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services are available at the North Loop Clinic. Several services are available and quality skin care products are available in the pharmacy. 

Are you at risk for skin cancer?

Our dermatologists are passionate about protection to avoid skin cancer. Find out how to monitor changes in your moles. 

Children's Skin Conditions

Children often have different skin issues than adults. Find out about what conditions dermatologists treat in children.

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