Our board-certified dermatologists practice medical, surgical, academic and cosmetic dermatology. They assess and treat a full range of skin conditions and see adult and pediatric patients in several locations in the west metro.


Medical dermatology  includes diagnosing and treating conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacia, or testing provide allergy skin testing.

Surgical dermatology can involve the removal of growths that can be benign (non-cancerous) or cancerous. It can also repair skin conditions with laser technology or ultraviolet light therapy.

Academic dermatology simply means that our dermatologists are all teachers as assistant professors of dermatology, teaching the medical students at the University of Minnesota.

Cosmetic dermatology is performed at our North Loop Clinic and services include Botox®, fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, sclerotherapy and benign growth removal. A special phone number for questions or to schedule a consultation is 612-352-5760. Quality skin care products are available in the North Loop Pharmacy.

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Meet our Rising Stars!

45 Hennepin Healthcare physicians named Rising Stars by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services are available at the North Loop Clinic. Several services are available and quality skin care products are available in the pharmacy. 

Are you at risk for skin cancer?

Our dermatologists are passionate about protection to avoid skin cancer. Find out how to monitor changes in your moles. 

Children's Skin Conditions

Children often have different skin issues than adults. Find out about what conditions dermatologists treat in children.

Healthy Matters

Ask the Dermatologists

Drs Jenny Liu and Erin Luxenberg

Broadcast: 4/30/2017

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