COVID-19 Testing for Travelers

The International Travel Medicine Clinic (Travel Clinic) can assist patients with their COVID testing needs prior to domestic or international travel. The Travel Clinic is located on our downtown campus, on the first floor of the Blue Building, suite 290.

Benefits of scheduling an appointment in the Travel Clinic

  • Travel Clinic providers have up-to-date information on COVID entry requirements for both US and international destinations.
  • Travel Clinic providers can order and schedule future COVID screening tests at a variety of different testing sites as appropriate.
  • Travel Clinic staff can assist with obtaining COVID test results and provide any written documentation needed for travel.

These COVID-related services are in addition to the standard travel services provided, including

  • Destination-specific counseling
  • Routine and travel-specific vaccinations (including Yellow Fever vaccine), and
  • Prescribing travel-related medications

Traveling internationally?

It is strongly recommended that all international travelers complete a visit with a Travel Clinic provider to facilitate their COVID testing and discuss other international travel concerns.

How to schedule an appointment with the Travel Clinic

  • Please call 612-873-6963 to schedule an appointment in the Travel Clinic; both telephone and in-person visit options are available.
  • Appointments are available for adults, children, and families or other groups traveling together.
  • We are not able to accommodate walk-in appointments with providers in Travel Clinic, as our daily clinic schedule is always full.
  • Travelers can be seen in the Travel Clinic at any point prior to their departure, and appropriate arrangements will be made for COVID screening at a later date according to the requirements for the destination.

Please plan ahead and schedule your Travel Clinic appointment accordingly!

Other ways to get pre-travel testing

For the following options, it is the travelers’ responsibility to know what is required and to then obtain the test results and all the appropriate documentation for their travel. If you do not complete a provider visit with the Travel Clinic, you won’t have access to other COVID and travel-related services, including COVID testing in the Travel Clinic and assistance with obtaining the appropriate documentation needed for travel.

  • Domestic travelers and travelers to low risk international destinations can choose to get assistance with pre-travel COVID testing through communication with a telehealth or travel nurse. Low risk international destinations include:
  • COVID testing is also available at Hennepin Healthcare community clinics, including viral screening clinics but scheduling an appointment in advance is required and the wait time to get the test result may be longer.
  • Please note that the asymptomatic screening clinic does not accept walk-in appointments for patients who are traveling, and any traveler going to this clinic needs a COVID test order already placed by a provider.
  • The Viral Screening Clinic and Emergency Department at Hennepin Healthcare DO NOT test asymptomatic patients for the purpose of travel.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health offers free testing, which can be scheduled at a variety of different locations. Turnaround time for test results has typically been within 24-48 hours, but may change over time.
  • HHS employees can also schedule COVID testing for travel puposes trhough Employee Occupaional Health and Wellness by calling 612-873-2383.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways you can find information for travel requirements:

  • Check the CDC’s Travelers' Health information
  • The website for the airline you are flying may be able to provide input on what is required, either for the airline itself or for the travel destination.

We suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as possible in Travel Clinic once you know that you will be traveling, ideally at least 2-4 weeks prior to your departure. We often have a several week wait for appointments, and extra time may be needed for vaccines and medications. At your visit, we will discuss and arrange future COVID testing according to your destination.

No, the Travel Clinic is very busy and usually booked out 1-2 weeks ahead, so we are not able to accept any walk in patients.

No, a Travel Clinic appointment is not required. Patients can chose to undergo testing through their primary care provider or at any other location where COVID testing is offered. Additionally, a telehealth or travel clinic nurse can order a COVID test and assist patients with scheduling in other Hennepin Healthcare clinics.

No, a Travel Clinic appointment is not required. We strongly recommend an appointment in the Travel Clinic to discuss international travel, including COVID testing requirements, as international travel is more complicated and vaccines or specific medications may be recommended. However, patients can opt to undergo testing through their primary care provider or at any other location where COVID testing is offered. Telehealth and travel nursing staff will not order COVID testing, per protocol, as this is more complex travel.

No, COVID testing performed within the Travel Clinic is only available for patients who have already completed a visit with a travel medicine provider (either in person or virtual). We do not have the capacity to test all travelers, including those that have not been seen by a travel medicine provider in the travel clinic.

No, Travel Clinic staff do not have the capacity to assist patients who are not established patients already seen in the Travel Clinic by a travel medicine provider.

If you have already been seen by a travel clinic provider for your travel, the travel clinic will continue to assist you with all of your travel needs including determining what is needed after a positive COVID test. If you have not already been seen by the travel clinic and need assistance after a positive COVID test for travel, a provider visit will first be required to appropriately assess your needs and provide assistance.

Most international destinations will still require a negative COVID PCR test, and the travel clinic can schedule and/or perform this testing. Per our policy, we will initiate repeat PCR testing starting 21 days after your positive test and can repeat testing at least once weekly until a negative test is obtained.

If your positive test was within the last 90 days, the travel clinic can also provide a letter documenting this and providing clearance for travel once appropriate, however it is also the traveler’s responsibility to provide a physical copy of the positive test. The United States current requires both a letter from a provider AND a copy of the positive COVID test.