Integrative Health Group Visits at Whittier Clinic

Integrative health group visits at Hennepin Healthcare's Whittier Clinic are a fulfilling way to approach your healthcare in a supportive environment which focuses on health and well-being from a holistic, integrative, functional medicine perspective. Sharing experiences among a community of people can result in more education, time for dialogue, build skills and develop mind-body practices than in a “one-on-one” patient - provider visit.

The integrative health primary care providers at Whittier offer several series of group visit appointments on topics where you can participate in a new way of taking charge of your health and well-being.

Group visit appointments are in addition to and enhance primary care appointments.

Insurance coverage:

Medical group visit appointments will typically be covered by Medicaid/Medicare, Medical Assistance, Hennepin Heathcare/Hennepin County employee plans and some private insurance plans. Co-pays and deductibles apply similar to a one-on-one primary doctor visit.


For more information contact Cass McLaughlin at 612-873-8048.

To schedule group visit appointments call the Connection Center at 612-873-6963.

Rest & Renewal Lifestyle

This series is for those who want to be supported in making your desired lifestyle changes such as managing stress, achieving optimal sleep, functional nutrition, mindful movement, healthy connections and celebrating the whole person. The series is led by Kara Parker, MD.

Tame Your Pain

This program is committed to empowering YOU with skills and tools to manage your pain, and give participants the most up-to-date information from research to help you "Tame Your Pain". Group visits are led by Susan Haddow, MD.

Pain Prevention

Whittier Clinic/Hennepin Healthcare is committed to our community and empowering YOU with skills and tools to manage your pain, along with your general well-being through lifestyle interventions. This program is designed with patients for ongoing support after having attended “Tame Your Pain, Beyond Medicationa 6-week group visit series. Not taken Tame Your Pain yet? That’s ok, start with these monthly group visits first. Or call to sign up for the next Tame Your Pain series offered quarterly.

Living with and Preventing Diabetes with Integrative Medicine

The group visit appointments are for those living with diabetes, those who have been told they are at an increased risk or are interested in prevention with integrative medicine. Dr. Stefanie Stevenson leads these visits.

Aging Gracefully

This is an 8-week series of group appointments for those who want to learn more about how to support the aging process for positive growth and living well into the golden years. This series is led by Dr. Kara Parker. The summer series is full, but look for another series- fall of 2018.

Cancer in the Rear View Mirror

Moving Forward on the Road of Life

A shared medical group visit for individuals who have experienced a cancer diagnosis and are looking for full engagement in optimal living in a supportive community. Opportunities and tools are designed for you to apply best wisdom incorporating nutritional, mind-body, movement and social support in this group dynamic.

This 6-week series will be held starting mid-September with Mary “Frankie” Winegardner, PA. For participants who have been through cancer or been initiated with treatment, and beyond.

Women's Health

Learn to Live through Mid-life with Vitality

Shared medical group visits for women to share the physical and psychological changes that come with peri-menopause and menopause. This series runs through the fall and is led by Jane Sassenfeld, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC.

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