Crisis Residence

Crisis Residence

An integral part of the psychiatry continuum of care is the Crisis Residence; a program that provides short-term residential care for people who are clinically and physically stable, but would benefit from additional services before returning to their homes.


Phone: 612-352-5600

Fax: 612-352-5609 

Program Overview

The Crisis Residence provides short-term (3 – 10 days) housing and treatment for people who are clinically and physically stable but need further assistance before returning to their home after receiving mental health care at the hospital or after being screened by Hennepin County Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE). The Crisis Residence is an alternative to hospitalization, a place to go for more care and support after leaving inpatient treatment.

Minnesota Hospitals highlighted the Crisis Residence as part of their MN Healthy Communities initiative.

Referral Screening

Intake Referral Instructions (PDF)
Crisis Assessment Referral Form (PDF)

Patients must be referred from a medical facility before entering the Crisis Residence program. Before placement in the residence, a mental health professional will determine that the patient does not pose an immediate risk to themselves or others. The assessment screening is conducted before the patient is referred from a hospital or by a mental health professional at COPE.


  • Physical and psychiatric assessment/treatment
  • Daily living skills training, social activities
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Treatment planning
  • Connections to patients to community services and resources like job training, internships, and GED classes