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Words from Our Moms

"When I started the program I was in such a deep depression and my anxiety felt all consuming. I never thought I'd be able to really be a mom. I felt like I wasn't good enough, strong enough, brave enough, or capable enough to parent a child while I felt so broken inside. The three weeks spent at the program changed my life forever. When I left the program, and my child was two months old, I was scared but I knew I could do it. I knew days would be hard and I knew that I had it in me to be there for my baby, even if that meant acting "as-if". I drew upon the knowledge I gained at the program to get me through the hard moments, and boy were there hard moments, but I fought my way out of the dark place I'd been. After the program I completed a year-long DBT class and individual therapy. That, coupled with the strong foundation learned at the Mother-Baby Program, were EXACTLY what I needed to be who I always wanted to be. Most days I feel confident in my parenting ability, I know when my shark music is coming and I am able to accept that I'm not always perfect. I validate and explore emotions with my baby – something that wasn't done for me when I was little – and I let him know that I'm there no matter what. I've been able to regulate my emotions and for close, authentic bonds with my husband, child, and friends. I don't know where I would be without you all. When we moved to Minnesota I was anything but excited, but I truly believe I was meant to have my baby here so that I could have the support of the program while I put myself back together. The work you do matters and this community is better because of you all."

"I felt validated and heard. The therapists were very good and supportive. I liked the connection with the other moms and that my partner could be involved. I also felt safe to start medication with the ability to see Dr. Kim throughout the week."


"I loved the amount of time I was given to tell my story and receive advice from the therapists and the group."


"I loved that I met people who were going through the same thing as me."


"The staff understand how you can feel bad and still care about your baby, even If you can't always show it."


"The staff was awesome – really gentle, soft, and kind, but firm and challenging when necessary."


"I liked that the program was group oriented. I received so much help from input from the other mothers."


"I felt safe and was able to share without fear of judgment."


"I feel competent as a parent and bonded with my child."


"This program saved my family."

"When I came to Mother-Baby I was broken, paralyzed, and scared. I am happy today because of the hard work and the tools you taught me."


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