Pediatric Vaccine Mobile serves children in the community during the pandemic

Hennepin Healthcare staff delivers exceptional care without exception, and this has remained true even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Here for families: Pediatric care in the midst of a pandemic

We know parents and caregivers are really scared. But providers are still here, ready to help you care for your child. If your child is sick or injured, or struggling emotionally, pick up the phone and call your pediatrician. We are working hard to make sure we can care for your child, while still keeping…

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Rituals and resilience

A ritual plays out in our pediatric clinics. A happy baby lays on an office table. They receive a vaccine, an undoubtedly stressful experience. They cry, but then loving adults comfort and calm them. Baby learns that even though scary things happen, good people help us through. While we all socially distance from a frightening…

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1 in 10 Women: Endometriosis

If you have actually heard about endometriosis then you are already more informed than most about this devastating condition that effects roughly 10% of reproductive age females. This means approximately 200 hundred million women’s lives around the world are impacted by this potentially disabling condition. According to the Endometriosis Foundation of America, “Endometriosis occurs when…

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Dr. Cutts, Safety Net Champion, advocates for needs of underserved children

Congratulations to Diana Cutts, MD, who was recently recognized with the 2019 Safety Net Champion Award at the Many Faces of Community Health Conference for advancing research, policy, and programming for children and families served by the safety net at Hennepin Healthcare. Dr. Cutts is a general pediatrician with special expertise in the area of…

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A new perspective on standard care – CDC issues guidelines on mild pediatric brain injuries

There is nothing ‘mild’ about a mild traumatic brain injury, especially when we’re talking about kids. This is something we at Hennepin Healthcare have known for years. And we also know that the number of children getting mild traumatic brain injuries, more commonly referred to as concussions, are on the rise.

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father with hand on son's shoulder explaining why there is violence in the world, helping kids learn about violence, mass violence, how to talk to your child about violence, how parents talk about violence, explaining why people hurt others, dr lidan gu, behavioral difficulties, ADHD, autism

How to talk to your kids about mass violence

Young children may not know or understand, but they can sense distress. Parents can manage their reactions and affect how children react.

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firearm injuries, gun violence, gun safety, national safety council, gun safety awareness, Leslie King-Schultz, MD, MPH

Gun safety awareness – talk to your kids

Firearm injuries take the lives of people every year in the US. Children are killed by guns almost as frequently as by motor vehicles. 

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teenagers sitting down and looking at social media sites on their smartphones, social media platforms, teen online presence, social media risks to safety, depression associated with social media, guidelines for teens and social media, dr marjorie hogan, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, respect for teen privacy

Teens and social media

Most teens, and many tweens, in the US actively use a variety of social media platforms daily – starting, but not ending with Facebook.

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