Calm in the Storm: How Hennepin EMS is reaching into the community, one patient at a time

Riding in an ambulance with paramedic Xander Krohnfeldt, it seems the more agitated his patient gets, the more calm his voice becomes. Krohnfeldt works for Hennepin Emergency Medical Services (EMS), where he provides front line care to people throughout their primary service area in Hennepin County. “A huge portion of the job is being able to talk to people. You’re walking through a crisis with an individual and that varies dramatically from person to person,” said Krohnfeldt.

“We are here for their emergency. Whoever has called us, whether that’s the patient, a family member, or a bystander, we’re here for somebody’s emergency,” said paramedic Becky Kopka. “I don’t make judgments. I understand that I’m there to help them.”

“As you’re getting out of your rig and going up to the apartment, the house, or the side of the road, you try not to get blinders on,” said paramedic Jeremiah Steele.

“We’re there to help,” said Martin Scheerer, Senior Director of EMS at Hennepin Healthcare. “I feel good that we approach each case with compassion and we’re able to help people during their worst days and times.”