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The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation has the honor of connecting the generosity of the community to the mission of Hennepin Healthcare. Discover how we can help our community thrive together.

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Fundraising Event in Aitkin, MN: DawsonStrong Ride August 1, 2020

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What we do and how we use your generosity to make a difference.

Support Our Healthcare Heroes

There is no place better prepared and experienced to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in our community than Hennepin Healthcare. And there is no better time for you to show your support. We have mobilized to respond to the many offers of help. Thank you for thinking of us during this unprecedented time.

Contributions take many forms from financial to offering a word of encouragement. Visit our Hennepin Heroes webpage for information on in-kind donations, support for frontline staff and patients, stories from the field and our research efforts.

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Helping patients of East Lake Clinic

The riots on Lake Street in Minneapolis severely damaged and closed our East Lake Clinic. This presents an urgent need to help the 8,000 patients who relied on this local healthcare resource.  We are committed to healthcare equity and access and will return to this vibrant and diverse community. However it will take 5-6 months to open these doors again.  In the meantime, you can be a hero for East Lake Clinic with your financial or in-kind donation.

Help Us:

  • Donate food and basic needs like: diapers, baby wipes, deodorant, shampoo, tampons and toothpaste.
  • Financial donations will help us transport patients to our Whittier Clinic four miles away, offer home visits, a mobile healthcare van, and expand interpreter services.
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Babies can’t wait. Neuroscience has shown the brains of babies and young children are shaped by the everyday experiences with parents and caregivers.

But we know that mothers and fathers can struggle with mental health symptoms during pregnancy and when parenting young children.

The Redleaf Center for Family Healing will serve pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, and families with children ages 0 – 5 through multi-generational mental health and parenting support, and mind-body-spirit approaches to healing.

Programming will help families thrive by supporting the well-being of adult caregivers while also expanding their capacity to nurture, protect, and delight in their children in ways that support their long-term development.


Al Hildenbrand and Janet Etten, Grateful patients and parents

Our family has been East Lake Clinic patients for 22 years and Eileen Kerr, Physician's Assistant, has known us the entire time. She was our matchmaker, and then midwife, and we bestowed her last name as our son Cole’s middle name. When Cole was three-months old he had a four month period of seizures. We were led to Hennepin Healthcare’s pediatric neurology department where we collaboratively found treatment. Eileen Kerr’s family and ours grew, sharing milestones, holidays and playtime. We shared the news with her when he graduated from South High School, was accepted into MCTC, had earned his Registered Massage Therapist license from CenterPoint Massage School, and the fateful day in 2015 when his seizures returned. It was Eileen’s combination of healthcare provider, family friend and neighbor that helped our family navigate through it all. Hennepin Healthcare isn’t just buildings. It is made up of people who serve.

Losing a child is a heartache like no other. Losing an adult son or daughter is a complex pain on its own level. When we lost our dear son Cole at age 27, it was a gut punch. He had just found his passion, purpose and people. Cole was a kind and gentle spirit who learned therapeutic massage techniques to help people arrive at balance. He was complemented as a natural intuitive healer who had the power of touch, compassion and presence far beyond his years. When his seizures forced him to concentrate on his own healing, he found support in his Corcoran community until he passed in 2018.

In recent weeks, when the East Lake Clinic succumbed to fire and water damage, we wanted to help heal the community Cole loved so much. By making a memorial gift to the Clinic, it completed a circle to honor him as a healer while helping our healing as well. That would have made Cole smile. We loved his smile.

That is why we give.

Photo of Cole Kerr Hildenbrand

Help Children Cope and Play During a Hospital Stay

DawsonStrong Ride  August 1, 2020

The DawsonStrong Ride, now in its fifth year, continues to brighten the days of children receiving care at HCMC. Organized by a grateful family, this charity ride, supports the efforts of Child Life Specialists who work to reduce the fear, pain, discomfort, and boredom of a hospital stay.

Join riders in Aitkin, MN on Saturday, August 1 for a ride to Jay Cooke State Park and back. Enjoy food and live music upon your return. Ride starts at 11am.

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