About Us

Hennepin Healthcare Foundation dedicates itself to the great purpose of healing and enriching life in our community. We do not do this alone, but through the partnership of thousands of poeple who give in different ways, driven to support an organization that offers exceptional healthcare without exception.  Our unique position of being Minnesota's largest level one trauma center, safety net, and public teaching hospital offers innovative ways to influence the health of our community. Most people don't realize that Hennepin County funding for Hennepin Healthcare accounts for less than 3% of its annual budget, providing numerous opportunities for philanthropy to make an impact.  Generosity removes barriers to healthcare access, enhances the patient and family experience, and advances efforts in medical education, clinical research, and community health.

Hennepin Healthcare Foundation was established in 2009, as a tax exempt, nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors. We are listed on GuideStar and meet the standards of the Charities Review Council. Our Tax ID# is 41-0845733.

Areas of Impact

Patient Care

With over 4,000 patients and their families seeking care each day, every gift can empower and provide comfort during times of uncertainty.  Donations support a variety of urgent needs of our patient population and remove barriers to healthcare access.  Examples include transportation, co-pay or medical equipment support, music therapy, access to clothing and food, lodging for out-of-town families and spiritual care.

Community Health

There is enormous potential to improve the health of our community, even targeting specific populations or diseases. Hennepin Healthcare has many efforts underway to extend care beyond the walls of our clinics and hospital. Funding supports commuinty healthcare workers, our Pediatric Mobile Clinic, remote medical education program Project ECHO, Heals on Wheels, digital healthcare technology, and community paramedics. 

Medical Education

Hennepin Healthcare is home to over 15 residency and fellowship training programs and is the primary teaching affiliate of the University of Minnesota and more than 60 Minnesota schools. We are a place of learning and innovation for thousands of health care providers each year, including first responders, resident physicians, nursing students, and medical students in rotations. Donations help enhance training opportunities and residency programs, purchase equipment, and expand trauma prevention outreach, telemedicine, and rural health education.

Clinical Research

Insights provided by medical research at Hennepin Healthcare look to lessen the impact of today’s health problems. Research priorities include addiction, health services, infectious disease/HIV, and acute care/trauma. Financial support can impact the success of this research directed by the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute.

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Hennepin Healthcare Foundation

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