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Located within Hennepin Healthcare’s HCMC hospital campus in downtown Minneapolis, the Hennepin Medical History Center preserves and shares over a century of hospital history. Visit our public gallery spaces in the lower level of the Blue Building to explore a unique collection of medical artifacts, images, and departmental and nursing school histories.  

Gallery Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm most Thursdays  

Research or General Inquiries: [email protected] or 612-873-6485 

For patients, medical records, or employment inquiries, please access the main website, hennepinhealthcare.org.

Collections and Education

HCMC History

The HCMC History Collection includes artifacts of health care, general patient care, and medical procedures at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Metropolitan Medical Center

The Metropolitan Medical Center History Collection is dedicated to providing public access as well as preserving and collecting materials and artifacts.

Educational History

There were many types of education programs at the hospitals in Minneapolis. Nursing schools were often unique to the specific hospital.

Oral Histories

The following interviews were conducted on behalf of the Hennepin Medical History Center for the History Center's Oral History Project. The interviewer is Mary Ellen Bennett.

Michael Belzer Contact

Dr. Michael Belzer: An Oral History

Role as Chief Medical Officer at HCMC and Changes in Medical Education and Supervision Over the Last 50 Years

Video (YouTube)
Full Transcript (PDF)

Fred Ames Contact

Fred Ames: An Oral History

Facilities Management Career with Metropolitan Medical Center, Hennepin Faculty Associates, and Hennepin County Medical Center, Recollections of what HCMC means to him.

Video (YouTube)
Full Transcript (PDF)

Sharon Presley Contact

Sharon Presley: An Oral History

50-year Career at HCMC - Courier, Mail Center, Mentor for Students in Project Search and Step-Up Programs

Video (YouTube)
Full Transcript (PDF)

Hartley Guilford Contact

Dr. Guilford Hartley: An Oral History

Bariatric Programs and Communication Evolution

Video (YouTube)
Full Transcript (PDF)

Thomas Mattison

Thomas Mattison: An Oral History

Minneapolis General Hospital - the Transition to Hennepin County General Hospital and Building and Moving to the New Hennepin County Medical Center

Video (YouTube)
Full Transcript (PDF)

Art Ney

Dr. Arthur Ney: An Oral History

Level 1 Trauma Certification at Hennepin County Medical Center

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Full Transcript (PDF)

Mark Odland

Dr. Mark Odland: An Oral History

Early Years of the Transplant Program at Hennepin County Medical Center

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Full Transcript (PDF)

Margaret Simpson History Center

Dr. Margaret Simpson: An Oral History

Infectious Diseases, the Early AIDS Epidemic, Infection Prevention, and Employee Health at Hennepin County Medical Center

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Full Transcript (PDF)

Marie Dougan Contact

Marie Dougan: An Oral History

Nursing Career - Old Minneapolis General Hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center, and the Creation of the creation of the Nursing Float Pool and Roster programs.

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Full Transcript (PDF)

The views and opinions expressed in these oral histories are solely those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of Hennepin Healthcare, Hennepin County Medical Center, or the Hennepin Medical History Center.
Direct quotations are based on recollection. The entire text has been edited for length and clarity. Portions of the text are redacted as noted due to privacy, confidentiality, or sensitivity of the content.

HCMC Blue Building

915 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN

The MMC Collection is located in BL.227.
The HCMC Collection is located in BL.226.