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drs Hart And Vang, Doctors at Hennepin Healthcare, making strides to address mental health access, health equity, population health, mental health

Doctors at Hennepin Healthcare making strides to address mental health access and health equity

Drs. Vang and Hart are stepping up to make a difference in mental health by serving on the boards of directors at the national level.

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east lake clinic, No other place has cared for me as well as here, East Lake Clinic, health disparities, pregnant person support, all are welcome at east lake clinic

“No other place has cared for me as well as here” — how East Lake Clinic is addressing health disparities, one phone call at a time

What would happen if every pregnant person was asked about the support they needed to get ready for their birth?

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Occupational Therapy month, occupational therapy, OT month, therapeutic therapy, daily activities, inpatient outpatient

Thanks for our occupational therapists who encompass so many areas at Hennepin Healthcare

OT helps people do the things they want to do and the things they need to do, through the therapeutic use of daily activities.

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Nicu Cristina Miller, A day-in-the-life, NICU Medical Director, Dr. Cristina Miller, pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

A day-in-the-life of NICU Medical Director Dr. Cristina Miller

Dr. Miller had always known she wanted to work in pediatrics and discovered a love for the inpatient setting early on.

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Featured 5 Daisy Winners, 5 Hennepin Healthcare nurses, DAISY Award, nursing award recipients, excellent nursing care award, what award meant to nurses

5 Hennepin Healthcare nurses share what receiving the DAISY Award meant to them

We asked Hennepin Healthcare nurses and providers how they felt when they found out that they had won the DAISY Award.

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child with adult playing with blocks in a classroom environment

Autism in children: What is it and how can you help?

Autism affects about 1 in every 36 children and symptoms can vary. Parents can help by talking to a provider as soon as they have concerns.

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Health equity report, 2023 Health Equity Report, commitment to equity, culture of inclusion, dei, diversity equity and inclusion

2023 Health Equity Report: Inside our commitment to equity

2023 was filled with new programs and the work showing of up for our community. Our 2023 Health Equity Report shares our progress.

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reagan lennes with caregiver, Ten years after a traumatic elevator accident, teen returns to the PICU to say thanks, Reagan Lennes, head crushed in an elevator, traumatic facial injuries, LifeLinkIII, helistop, PICU, pediatric trauma, Level I Trauma Center, dr lance svoboda, LaChell Gatlin, michelle erickson

Ten years after a traumatic elevator accident, a teen returns to the PICU to say thanks  

Ten years after Reagan Lennes’ traumatic accident, the 15-year-old walked back into Hennepin Healthcare to thank her caregivers.  

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young boy named Crue with a fractured arm in hospital bed

Injury becomes game-changer for Super Bowl party

During the Super Bowl, Megan and Dustin Dalbey were in Sanford’s Emergency Department with their 3-year-old-son, Crue.

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Kris Kuehl TBI Patient, brain injury, therapy, cognitive difficulty, metaphors, coping skills, kris kuehl, orthopedic physical therapist

Metaphor and life with a brain injury

It was a beautiful August morning in 2021 when Kris Kuehl was preparing to start her day working as an orthopedic physical therapist.

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Featured Food Bags, one step closer to wellness, food bags, food insecurity, population health, second harvest heartland, jessica gipson

“One step closer to wellness!”: How our food bags help address food insecurity

Food bags are an essential component of delivering whole-person care to patients at our community clinics and downtown campus.

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Brenden Bryce TBI OP With His Therapists, tbi, wrestling accident causes a brain injury, traumatic brain injury, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, physical therapy, grateful patient

Wrestling accident causes a brain injury that went from devastating to miraculous within one year

Brenden was at practice hit the back right of his head on the entry door to the wrestling room. He brushed it off.

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Matthew Hector Wanda And Daughter TBI Patient

Matthew’s TBI journey, his participation in a research trial, and his reunion with those that cared for him

Matthew’s brain was severely damaged and was quickly swelling and they needed to perform a decompressive craniectomy

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Patient will smith mother apple maxwell dr. Kahat

Listen to your body (and somebody who loves you)

Will M. Smith was brought to our emergency department (ED) via ambulance after experiencing extreme upper abdominal pain

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Cardio Oncology woman cancer stethoscope

Cardiology and oncology; the possible link between the two

Improved treatments for cancer have resulted in patient survival. Treatments, can come some side effects, many having to do with your heart.

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man waking up from a relaxing night of sleep

The Crucial Interplay of Sleep and Heart Health: Unveiling the Significance of Quality Rest

Sleep plays a profound role in safeguarding heart health – Interplay of Sleep and Heart Health: Unveiling the Significance of Quality Rest

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Group of women representing different races and ages, human papillomavirus, cervical cancer, pap test, HPV test, vaccine, women's health

HPV vaccines save lives

Individuals can decrease their risk of getting both HPV and associated cancers by getting the HPV vaccine.

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Compass Graduates, working for a better world tomorrow, compass program, graduates, credly badge, Hennepin Healthcare Health Equity Compass Program

“Working for a better world tomorrow”: Compass Program Cohort A graduates

The Compass Program challenges team members to examine how our racist history manifests itself in our healthcare system and daily work.

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East Lake Clinic staff, trauma informed care, healing moments, spiritual well being, transforming the health of our community, east lake clinic

How East Lake Clinic is expanding Trauma-Informed Care, starting with healing moments for our team

At an East Lake Clinic morning huddle in December, the team reviews staffing, supplies, recognition, and thanks before departing.

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Hibo Abdi volunteer, volunteer, emergency department, medical student, university of minnesota, shadowing

From refugee camp to a devoted volunteer with a great future

Hibo Abdi, a senior at the University of Minnesota, is part of the ED PEER Program in Volunteer Services and she is great.

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