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Featured Care Gaps

Closing care gaps: breast cancer screening with American Indian women

“I can’t say how good it is to be in a place that cares for their patients,” said Community Health Worker Paula Brown about a new project to encourage our American Indian patients to get breast cancer screening. “Everybody who puts their badge on and works at Hennepin Healthcare is here for a reason. It…

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Featured Emt

Aspiring EMTs embark on intensive training course

A night with Hennepin EMS Education and their Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course – Dispatch sounds through the radio—a call reporting a domestic altercation. The EMTs in training gather their materials, grab their bags, and head on out. The elevators open, and the sounds of an argument greet them. Paramedics Erin and Jonny are in character…

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Feature Harriet Initiative

The Next Step Harriet Initiative: Empowering through trauma recovery

“I have so much anxiety allowing my son to go outside,” said a mother whose son was a survivor of gun violence. “I wait with him for the bus to pick him up for school and feel so helpless when he leaves my sight.” Another mom tearfully shares, “I moved to get away from the…

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Yuko Matsuura pharmacist Japan volunteer

We’re lucky to have had Yuko Matsuura touch our lives

But luckily for Hennepin Healthcare, she also became a volunteer with Volunteer Services, and was able to connect with a pharmacy.

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mother and daughter posing together outside, onset of puberty, guidance from parents, sense of identity, teen guidance, adolescents, teen relationships, parent-teen relationship, raising a teen, boundaries for a teen, guidance for a teen

The crucial role of parents during teen years

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in the lives of adolescents. Guidance is key to helping teens navigate this time in their life.

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Brain injury patient Erin Carlson with tbi staff, tbi, patient story, therapy, PICU, grateful patient reunion, erin duffy carlson, car accident, head injury, glasgow coma scale

After surviving a severe TBI, a patient returns 16 years later to thank the team members who saved her life

Erin (Duffy) Carlson was 23 years old when she was hit by another vehicle while riding in a car on July 20, 2007.

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community health needs assessment, chna, community data for patient populations, community health and safety, health equity, aqui para ti, between us, compass program, cultural navigators

In their own words: What our Hennepin Healthcare community wants us to work on together

All non-profit hospitals conduct an assessment to be held accountable to the patient population and community they serve.  

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Featured Pet Therapy, pet therapy, comfort dogs, therapy pet visit, pet therapy visit, stress-reducing pet therapy, volunteer, dog Checkov, Siberian husky, EMS, Diane Prange, Bill Lozito, inpatient pediatrics, poison center, VA

Volunteer in pet therapy and spread joy with your fur baby

A therapy animal is a specially trained animal that partners with its human handler to bring joy, comfort, and companionship.

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health care assistant, hca, homegrown hca program, nursing program, nursing assistant program, deja kye, theresa verhulst, melissa hill

Homegrown HCA program creates opportunities in medicine

Thirteen years ago, Theresa Verhulst started working in the Hennepin Healthcare kitchen, serving food trays to patients.

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A Pregnant Woman Doing Breathing Exercises And Resting On A Fitness Ball With The Help Of Her Physiotherapist

Why pelvic health is important in pregnancy

One segment of physical therapy focuses on pelvic health which can be thought of the trunk or middle of your body – your pelvis.

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