Hennepin Healthcare System Inc., Board of Directors

Jon L. Pryor, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
Jan Callison, Chair, Hennepin County Board
Jacob Gayle, Executive Director, Medtronic Foundation
Tara L. Gustilo, MD, Hennepin Healthcare
Melissa R. Irving, Sr. Web Operations Manager, Best Buy
Peter McLaughlin, Hennepin County Board
David MacCallum, MacCallum Ross
Brock Nelson, Healthcare Executive
Kris Petersen, President, think2perform
Brian J. Ranallo, Chief Operating Officer, Oak Grove Capital
Sheila Riggs, DDS, DMSc, Board Chair, University of Minnesota
Kathy Tunheim, President & CEO, Tunheim
David Ybarra, President, Minnesota Pipe Trades Association
Diana Vance-Bryan, RN, JD, Board Vice-Chair
Thomas Wyatt, MD, Hennepin Healthcare

Board Meeting Agendas

2018 Board Meetings

2017 Board Meetings

2016 Board Meetings

Public Minutes

Board of Directors

Commitment to Diversity

Community Involvement

Executive Leadership

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