Commitment to Health Equity

Realize health equity for Minnesota

What is Health Equity?

Health Equity

Health equity is the ability for historically marginalized and socioeconomically disadvantaged persons to receive the necessary resources needed to provide them the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

We believe equity is essential for optimal health outcomes. We are committed to partnering with our entire community, both internal and external, in achieving their fullest health potential by actively eliminating barriers due to racism, or any other consequence of social position or socially influenced circumstances experienced by Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

How will we accomplish this?

We will accomplish this through:

  • Collaborating with our community leaders
  • Developing strong government relations
  • Establishing equity-focused public policy
  • Abolishing barriers due to systemic racism
  • Improving access and quality of care
  • Building trust through transparency
  • Leveraging technology
  • Creating a diverse workforce and addressing pay equity
  • Ethical research
  • Creating and retaining a healthcare workforce that embraces culturally responsive and trauma-informed care strategies for all team members.
Public Health Crisis

Racism is a public health crisis that affects the entire community. 

Racism is an ongoing public health crisis that urgently demands more focused attention. Our Board of Directors will work with Hennepin County to move on a shared path toward equity and justice for all Minnesotans.

The Board of Directors declares health equity a strategic priority for Hennepin Healthcare. We will advocate for relevant policies that improve health in Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color. We will support local, state, regional, and federal initiatives that advance efforts to dismantle systemic racism and will promote community efforts to amplify issues of racism and its impact on health.

Read Hennepin Healthcare’s 2023 Health Equity Report

Read our 2023 Health Equity Report for a summary of our ongoing work and progress to:

Two female employees smiling in friendly embrace

Attain a culture of inclusion and belonging

We are working toward inclusion and belonging among our team members by creating healing spaces, celebrating cultural heritage and connection, and providing education and resources in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Youth in a group pose on staircase

Reflect the communities we serve and promote equitable opportunity

We are creating equitable opportunities through programs like the Talent Garden, Youth Summits, and Expanding Diversity Career Fairs.

Hennepin Healthcare Compass team group photo

Eliminate health disparities

We are eliminating health disparities by bringing a DEI lens to patient care, integrating Cultural Navigators into our hospital system, and following through on partnerships that improve maternal-child health.

Hennepin Healthcare team members in a happy group photo holding signs to express employee pride

Have measurable social impact

We are increasing our social impact by partnering with women and minority-owned businesses, addressing the effects of violence in our community, and advocating for equitable legislation and policies.

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Talent Garden

Inspiring and supporting historically excluded youth to pursue careers in healthcare

Next Step Program

Connecting youth and young adult victims of violent injury to resources and support

Cultural Navigators

Support and advocacy for Black, American Indian, LatinX and Somali patients

Compass Program

Hennepin Healthcare team members journey into health equity