Laboratory Services

Main Lab Number: 612-873-3001

Our laboratories support a diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patient problems and clinical conditions. Laboratory staff collects blood, urine, and other samples to perform tests and analysis. Learn more about our laboratory education programs.

Outpatient specimen collections services are available on the 4th floor of the Purple building. Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM, and Saturday 8AM to 4PM.

Clinical Laboratory

Labs support of the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patient clinical conditions.


Full-service lab offering high-quality analyses, biopsies, and products of conception. 

Electron Microscopy

Evaluation of body tissues, light microscopy, and complex staining techniques.

Neuromuscular Pathology

Quality interpretation of neuromuscular biopsy specimens.

Renal Pathology

Available 24/7 and offer quality, timely interpretations of patient renal biopsies.


Clinical, emergency and forensic toxicology, ethanol and therapeutic drug monitoring.


colleen crampton

Colleen Crampton, MT (ASCP), MBA

Laboratory Administrative Director
General Laboratory Operations
[email protected]

clay virden

Clay Virden

Laboratory Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

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